Ride Mapper available to all participants in Cycle Solutions scheme

C2W provider Cycle Solutions develops fitness app

Cycle to work provider Cycle Solutions has launched a new fitness app, dubbed Ride Mapper, available to its customers.

Using advanced mapping software, the app tracks a user’s route, as well as aiding the planning of new routes. Alongside the mapping software, the app provides a wealth of supporting information, such as a calorie counter and a ‘saved CO2 tracker’, among other things. Cycle Solutions estimate that every participant can save up to 600kg of CO2 from entering the atmosphere by cycling instead of travelling to work by car. 

Steve Edgell, managing director at Cycle Solutions, said: “There are numerous benefits for employers and employees who take part in the cycle-to-work scheme both in terms of the positive environmental impact of leaving the car at home and the fitness benefits of cycling every day. 

“We designed the Ride Mapper app to be simple to use and we hope that it will be a positive influence on people who join the cycle-to-work scheme by showing them what they have achieved and the progress they are making on an ongoing basis, inspiring them to continue taking part.”

Cycle Solutions is a government-backed scheme working with employers to help them by managing all key parts of their cycle to work scheme, minimising the administrative burden on businesses. Employers buy the bikes from Cycle Solutions and then hire them back to employees. By sacrificing some of their salary, employers save on income tax and national insurance contributions. Employees will typically save between 31% and 48% of the retail cost of bikes and accessories.

The Ride Mapper is available to all participants of the cycle-to-work scheme and can be downloaded by visiting iTunes or Google Store.

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