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Weve just added two new books to our growing collection of recommended business titles in the BikeBiz OnLine Shop. These two should have made it into the Show Preview issue of the mag but there was no room.

Theyre both about the WWW (no surprise, there then) and both have their merits.

As is said in the review of the first book, BikeBiz may love the web but we dont think it will kill off bricks and mortar retailers. Instead, IBDs should evolve into clicks and mortar retailers.

The internet wont kill off real world shopping, it will consolidate it. Dont just have an internet-enabled computer in the back office, bring one into the main sales area too. Create an information-rich site that (a) is worth visiting on a regular basis and (b) acts as a silent salesman.

…The internet is a bloody big threat to the way you do business, but it also demonstrates that the innovators in any market sphere the ones who see opportunities not just threats will gain a huge competitive advantage over internet-fearing rivals.

Now then, those of you who have bought from the BikeBiz Shop will know that clicking on a title links you to Thats because were an Amazon Associate and we get roughly a 5 percent cut on any book sales. You pay no more, we get a little bit of beer money.

If you have any books you can recommend, email us the details and we’ll check it out. We always buy the titles first. Any business book can be recommended, not simply ones about the WWW.

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