Insurer claims the title for 2015

Butterworth Spengler named ActSmart’s Partner of the Year

ActSmart Partner of the Year awards initiative have this year singled out insurance broker Butterworth Spengler.

ActSmart introduced the Partner of the Year awards initiative in 2010 – the business support organisation is heavily dependent on partnerships to help deliver cost saving support services to its subscribers.

Peter Gee from Butterworth Spengler said: "Butterworth Spengler Facilities are delighted to have been announced as ActSmart’s Partner of the Year for 2015.

"As the UK’s leading independent insurance broker for the cycling industry it gives us great pleasure to continue to provide our customers with products and service standards of the highest quality in partnership with ActSmart."

ActSmart said that it is looking to expand the service to suit all of its subscribers, including a growing number of outdoor retailers. To that end the duo has introduced a brand new policy designed with outdoor retail in mind, complementing the specialist cycles policy.

Gee added: "For nearly 20 years we have offered a market leading cycle retailer insurance policy that protects independent businesses and we will continue to grow our retailer insurance offering in 2016 with the launch of our Outdoor scheme.

"We are extremely proud to have won this award once again, and we look forward to continued success in partnership with ActSmart in 2016".

Chris Hall, head of business development at ActSmart, commented: "Butterworth Spengler are worthy winners of this year’s award, with a dedicated team continuing to ensure every customer receives the highest level of service and has the right policy in place to protect their business in the event of a claim.

"After many years of delivering a specialist policy for our bicycle businesses, Butterworth Spengler’s commitment to expand their offering into the outdoor pursuits sector further supports our decision to award them this year’s Partner of the Year award."

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