Busby becomes official safety technology partner of Team Bahrain Victorious

Busby has partnered with WorldTour cycling team Bahrain Victorious, becoming its official safety technology partner.

The personal safety app was launched in November 2019 by Liverpool-born friends Barry Green, James Duffy and Kirk Ryan, with the goal of providing additional safety and peace of mind for those outside being active. It works by monitoring sensors within the user’s smartphone to detect any irregularities such as a fall, automatically activating a countdown timer if so. If there’s no response from the user their exact location is sent to emergency contacts to call for help.

In order to provide assistance when incidents occur, Busby also alerts other nearby road users when a cyclist is close, to raise awareness. In only a year of operation, Busby’s app has been downloaded by tens of thousands of people in over 85 countries.

The new collaboration between Busby and Team Bahrain Victorious will see both riders and the full support staff provided with additional safety when out on the road thanks to features such as incident detection, incident prevention, near-miss reporting and the new SOS Busby Flare feature – alerting other users in the area when a rider needs medical or mechanical support.

“We’re really pleased to continue connecting with riders at the highest level, athletes who are ambassadors for sport and who inspire others to pursue active lives,” said Duffy. “This partnership demonstrates how seriously the team takes the safety of its riders.

“Road safety is a global issue we can’t ignore and it’s our mission to help make a difference for all vulnerable road users by utilising technology. Even the best, most competent riders can benefit from the additional safety and peace of mind provided by Busby.”

Technical director Vladimir Miholjevic of Bahrain Victorious added: “To be able to offer our riders and staff the additional safety that Busby provides is no small thing. Rider safety is paramount to any professional cycling team as our athletes regularly push the limits whilst training all over the world.

“We endeavour to act as role models for cyclists of all levels of experience and ability and so hope that by partnering with Busby, we encourage all riders to consider their personal safety whilst being active outdoors.”

Team Bahrain Victorious is the second WorldTour cycling team to partner with Busby, with Team Qhubeka NextHash having also aligned themselves with the personal safety app earlier this season.

Busby is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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