Thanks to a number of daft postings this site's lively bulletin board is soon to become password-only. You'll be able to lurk without a password, but can only contribute once you've registered

Bulletin board now needs passwords

The passwords to the main site remain as ‘presta’ and ‘enter’ but, from now on, you can also gain access to the trade part of the site by using your own personal passwords.

This has the advantage of allowing you to contribute to the bulletin board without having to type in your BBS passwords.

To register go to the BBS registration link at the bottom of pretty much every page on this site.

You’ll receive an email back confirming your password details.

To use a pseudonym – which can be useful in certain circumstances – you have to register under that name and provide separate passwords to those you gave for your real name.

With the introduction of registration, there will be less postings of a spurious, bad-taste, rude, stupid nature. Humour is fine, welcome even, but with the loopy postings kept to a minimum the bulletin board will be a nicer place to be around.

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