Manufacturer sought to produce ‘unique’ system

Budbrake unveils automatic brake system

UPDATE, DECEMBER 2010: The Budbrake ABS Modulator is now in producton and available.

Californian manufacturer Budbrake has announced details of its new advanced cycle brake system – the Automatic Brake System Modulator.

The Automatic Brake Modulator aims to improve bicycle speed control for every category of bike and all levels of cyclist.

The device eliminates worry about whether to apply the rear, front or both brakes for effective balanced speed control and smooth effective stopping. It automatically performs and balances the necessary braking power modulation regardless of which brake handle is used and in what order.

The device can be installed on all cable operated brake systems including disc brakes.

Budbrake founder Bud Nilsson told BikeBiz: “The ABS Automatic Brake System Modulator was developed and tested by many bikers in the field and lab tested and evaluated against the CPSC regulations for bicycle brakes etc. It has also been tested by bicycle engineers and product managers over the last three years and I have about 200 units out and about for testing evaluations and use, all with positive results reported.”

Currently there is no UK distributor attached to the product, as Nilsson explained: “I am seeking a bicycle manufacturer or a bicycle brake manufacturer for a licence agreement to manufacture and market the Modulator and make it available for the bikers benefit in UK as well as the rest of the world.”

Nilsson added: “All R&D, lab and field testing, CPSC test had been successfully administrated, and tooling for immediate start up production and marketing is included in a licensing agreement.”

You can find out more about the product at or email Bud Nilsson at

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