PM gives seal of approval to Newham event

Brown backs bikes

Prime Minister, Gordon Brown has given his backing to a six-day track racing event in Newham, London.

The event, organised by former Brit track star Tony Doyle, will take place during October 2009. PM Gordon Brown said: "The place of cycling in our society is set to grow, and I am committed to doing everything possible to encourage that."

Newham will be one of the destinations at which London’s 2012 Olympics will hold cycling events.

Tony Doyle MBE, previously a racer at six-day events, has been instrumental in the organisation of the new event.

“I would like to thank Tony Doyle and his team for all the hard work in making ‘On Track 6 Day’ a reality," said Gordon Brown in a statement. "It is great to see the event coming back to London at a time when Britain is celebrating such success in the sport and I’d like to thank to thank the London Borough of Newham for hosting this event.”

In other news, a detailed article on City cycling has been posted on the Independent website discussing several London specific cycle statistics, including safety figures and a surprise Department for Transport claim that cycling figures have fallen nationally.

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