Brompton Superlight evolves into new Brompton P Line

The Brompton Superlight has transformed into the Brompton P Line for 2022, in line with the brand simplifying its bike categories.

Featuring a new titanium rear frame and lightweight componentry, the Brompton P Line weighs 9.65kg.

The titanium rear frame and forks are 700g lighter than the all-steel equivalent, just as strong and the naturally, shock-absorbing titanium smooths out city roads. The redesigned suspension block maximises efficiency and responsiveness by shifting pedal power to improve control and handling performance.

The new dual-locking seat post system has two positions, fully down for storing or halfway up for rolling and the larger, lighter rolling wheels glide over uneven ground or through tight busy spaces.

Designed by Brompton, the patent-pending gear set is fine-tuned for city riding. The 4-speed system includes a 60g derailleur, engineered to fit inside the compact fold and providing a similar ratio to the 3-speed hub gear and 60% more than the 2-speed.

The wheelset features a new rear hub designed ground-up to accommodate the new 4-speed gear set.

Will Carleysmith, chief design and engineering officer, said: “With its titanium rear frame and forks, the Brompton Superlight has always offered a superior user experience than its all-steel equivalent.

“The new Brompton P Line is a leap forward from the Superlight, it is faster to ride, lighter to carry and easier to move around the city in every way.

“Significant weight savings and performance improvements have been achieved through the entirely redesigned rear frame and lightweight components including the compact 4-speed gearset.”

The new Brompton P Line is available in Storm Grey and Midnight Black colours.

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