Brompton launches new CHPT3 bike

A new lightweight special edition Brompton X CHPT3 has been launched, developed in collaboration with former pro-cyclist and CHPT3 founder David Millar.

The new model features a machined hinge clamp; machine seat-post QR; fabric scoop, Ti railed saddle with Devesa print; fabric slim dual texture kraton rubber grips; new Schwalbe One 35mm tyres; race tuned, extra firm, red suspension block; S-type handlebars; and six speed. The initial production run will be limited to 1,000 bikes.

Will Butler-Adams, CEO, Brompton, said: “With the Brompton X CHPT3 we wanted to encourage those who climb hills and cover distance at the weekend to keep riding during the week, with a performance bike that fits into the urban world in which so many of us live. We achieved this and with the insight of David Millar and the CHPT3 team the Brompton X CHPT3 has evolved.

“We are on a journey and are pushing the limits of what we can do and into new territory. That’s really the core philosophy of Brompton. We wanted to create something unique, not as a vanity project to sit in a museum but something that people really want to ride and that appeals to all cyclists, even ex-pro racers! The new Brompton X CHPT3 we feel does just that!”

Millar said: “It’s four years since I met Will Butler-Adams and my conversion to Brompton began, it’s now an integral part of my life, and I’ll go as far as saying my favourite bike.

“The Brompton X CHPT3 is the perfect collaboration in the sense we bring out the best in each other: Brompton is British engineering at its very best, every bike is built to such incredible tolerances and designed to endure everyday life, with CHPT3 we bring our racing heritage and aesthetic to that solidity, we strip it back and bring it closer to the purity of a racing bike.

“It’s truly a joy to ride, I dare you not to smile when you ride it. It’s my bike that receives the most compliments, and I’ve got some amazing racing machines, so that’s no mean feat.”

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