Following an article on, rebrands, moving away from name that made it sound like a trade organisation

British Bike Association killed off

Earlier today, Mark Taylor of emailed to say he was removing all references to the British Bike Association from his affiliate marketing website.

This follows a long and detailed article by at the beginning of December.

Taylor has also removed the claim that his British Bike Association had 42,000 had been emailing bike trade companies in the UK and overseas, seeking reciprocal website linking. This was leading to some confusion with the Bicycle Association, a long-standing and official trade association.

Taylor said: "The fundamental principle of presenting the site as the British Bike Association was true, in the sense that as a group of cycling enthusiasts, we ‘had’ wanted to develop our hobby and enthusiasm into a national association. We were looking to the affiliate marketing income to fund this in the future. 

"We have never, or ever will, present ourselves as the Bicycle Association of Great Britain. However, in hindsight, we recognise that we may have confused some people but we refute the claim that we deliberately misled people. 

"We have therefore taken the decision, and implemented it, to remove all reference to the British Bike Association."

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