Bristol brand Huxlo takes to Indiegogo to fund new bike storage unit

Bristol-based design studio Huxlo, which has previously focused solely on flat packed out buildings is now taking to Indiegogo to fund a bike storage solution called the Maurad.

The company, which has been designing sustainable wooden structures since January 2016, has now branched out into the cycling industry by creating a bike wall hanging unit. The storage solution has been digitally designed and crafted from sustainable FSC approved timber, and is shipped in flat packed shrink-wrapping.

Huxlo is looking to finance the project via a round of crowd funding, and is hoping to achieve its goal of over £10,000 on Indiegogo. If successful, the money will go towards upscaling production after a string of smaller successful production runs. The Maurad unit is being promoted to the public in a 30-day campaign starting on August 21st.

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