Bristol brand creates e-bike conversion kit

Bristol-based start-up Revolutionworks has launched the Revos e-bike conversion system via a Kickstarter campaign.

The Revos system consists of three core parts. The patent-pending geared drive unit attaches to the bike frame and drives the rear wheel around; the magnetic pedal assist sensor controls the drive unit in response to the rider pedalling and the lithium-ion battery fixes to the bike frame using the bottle holder studs.

Two battery sizes are available, 100Wh and 209Wh, one for everyday trips around town and a larger one for longer trips. The whole set up takes under ten minutes to put on a bike, with no need to replace any parts or alter the bike permanently.

The idea behind Revos came from Hugo Palmer when he was at Oxford Brookes University in 2011 studying motorsport engineering. As a personal project, he wanted to see whether he could make his bike into an electric bike using motors, batteries, and speed controllers from previous projects. He found that he could and Revos developed from there.

Palmer said: “It’s for people who like their bike but want an e-bike too, it’s easy to use and feels like you have a tailwind at all times. Lots of people would like to cycle to work but are reluctant because it’s just a bit strenuous, especially if you live in a hilly city. So Revos provides a way of enjoying a cycling commute."

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