Hotlines to distribute Richard's Lynskey made ti brand

Brant’s brand named: Tweak Bikes

Brant Richard’s mystery brand has been named: Tweak Bikes.

For the past few months Richards has been posting updates on his Twitter account (@shedfire) revealing snippets of info one-by-one.

BikeBiz has today been told by Hotlines, who have taken on exclusive distribution, that Tweak Bikes first model – the Ragley Ti – will be available in limited numbers in the next four weeks.

"We’ve been working hard since the beginning of February and our first model, the Ragley Ti, is scheduled to hit the factory floor at Lynskey Performance in Chattanooga on Friday. With fingers crossed, we should see production product, for sale in four weeks or less." said Richards from his shed in Calderdale.

Illy Anastasi, Hotlines general manager said "We are extremely excited to be given the opportunity to distribute what will be a very unique and important brand for now and the future. Hotlines looks forward to working with Brant to develop Tweak into one of the UK’s leading brands. If the Ragley is anything to go by then we are in for some great times ahead."

For more information on the new brand, see the May news cover of BikeBiz, which should be landing on doormats this morning.

Tweak Bikes:


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