The globally recognised Motorex brand signed an exclusive distribution deal with Raleigh just over two years ago now. Mark Sutton discusses with UK brand manager Gary Conway how the product portfolio could loosen up the rust on your till and get that thing moving again…


Rex, as it was known pre-1947, had nothing to do with either the motorcycle or cycle market when a Swiss family set up shop back in 1917.

Manufacturing only leather and floor-care products, it wasn’t until the dawn of the ‘50s and the take-off of the motorcycle that the brand saw potential in lubricants. The bicycle would have to wait almost another 50 years to get a dedicated range, (although motorcycle lubricants did crossover and many were considered cycle-worthy for many years prior.)

In 1999, Motorex launched the ‘bike line’, cementing the brand’s commitment to cyclists in over 40 countries worldwide through its global distribution.

Because Motorex product was originally designed to cope with the stresses associated with motorcycle maintenance, the comparably low mechanical forces exerted on the bicycle meant the product was an instant success, performing above the standard needed for cycle care, in far smaller volumes.

Raleigh took on exclusive UK distribution for the portfolio just over two years ago. Previously the brand had spent a year with no UK distribution. This is when, according to brand manager Gary Conway: "Raleigh picked up on the chance to work with the company, having seen great potential for the UK market."

In terms of manufacturing volume, the motorcycle market, in terms of sales figures, is around ten-fold that of the cycle market. Then again, a motorcycle needs a lot more fluids than your average bike. So is the cycle market any less important to Motorex given its dwarfed scale?

"From a Raleigh point of view, we do not sell any products specifically for the motorcycle trade and only supply the cycle trade," said Conway. "But there is of course an element of over-lap where products can be used across the different industries, so the customer could be either."

With the majority of lubrication and cleaning brands, environmental credentials are increasingly prominently featured across the bottle. So what eco-friendly practices has Motorex to shout about?

"Producing chemical and technical products always requires a sense of responsibility," said Conway.

"Motorex has a very conscientious approach to the treatment of people and the environment and this is reflected in the products and in our many years of successful business. In our Bike Line, for example, the main products (Degreaser Easy Clean, Bike Clean, Dry Lube and Wet Lube) are all rapidly biodegradable. This is of course, with no compromise in terms of quality and performance."

Stocking up on the brand comes with a variety of benefits too. Raleigh offers a two-tier mixed-quantity discount on all Motorex products in the range. Also, there are two current offers, which see qualifying orders receive free of charge counter top or free standing display units to merchandise the product at the same time as acting as point of sale.

Point of sale material and dealer discount aside, why should an cycle store choose Motorex over the competition? Conway explains: "The main argument for choosing our brand over another is product performance and quality. Our product line is chosen by many top-level athletes worldwide, emphasising its quality and reliability. They use the very same products that any consumer can find on the helves. Last but not least, consumers trust this brand and sales in the aftermarket will continue increase."

Within the product catalogue, those with a Raleigh account have access to cleaners, powerful degreasers, protection and care products, greases, hydraulic brake fluids, fork oils and even waterproofing sprays for textiles. In almost all cases, the products come in both rider and workshop size containers.

As with other Raleigh brands, Motorex will be backed with a variety of marketing campaigns, while sample packs are available to dealers on request.

Raleigh UK: 01773 532600

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