Sizing up the market: Created by Bob Haro in the 1970s, Haro Bicycles is a household BMX brand, which in recent years has cleverly diversified its offering. Mark Sutton talks to UK brand manager Adam Garner about 29ers, racing teams and Haro’s sister brand...


Who would believe that perhaps the biggest BMX brand in existence emerged from a simple garage-based production of race plates? Well that’s how BMX icon Bob Haro set out and a decade later freestyle was born with the launch of the Haro Freestyler frame and fork.

Since then, freestyle BMX has dipped in and out of fashion in turn with the skateboarding world. But today, the sector is once again thriving and Moore Large sure is glad it bagged the rights to the legendary brand in the UK, especially considering its expansion into the MTB world.

Brand manager Adam Garner tells BikeBiz: “Dealers certainly are recognising Haro as more than just a BMX brand now. Since we re-launched it at the end of 2007 into areas other than BMX, it’s fair to say the brand has gone from strength-to-strength.

“Dealers that have supported us with our BMX bikes have been prepared to take on the ATB lines too and are selling them with great success. With increased marketing activity we have been able to put Haro into the public eye. Haro ATB lines were certainly a huge success over two weekends at BikeRadar Live and the Mountain Bike World Cup up at Fort William. Haro Bikes also now covers mountain, freeride, dirt jump, urban, comfort, commute and beach cruiser.”

Although yet to make a firm impression in Europe, Haro has also dabbled with the 29-inch wheel concept, although Garner points to the half-way mark as the real success.

“When we launched the two 29ers last year (the Mary XC and the Mary SS) we were in the boom for this market. Sales and interest were fantastic, although it has levelled off in the last 12 months. And it’s just the beginning for big wheeled bikes.

“We have had tremendous success with the launch of the 650B wheeled bikes, the idea being that the wheel measures 27.5” and therefore sits half way between the standard 26 and the 29er. In theory you get the same big wheel feel of the 29er, rolling smoothly over everything they encounter on a trail while offering the rider an amazing amount of traction on the climbs.”

BMX is as in focus as ever though, and Moore Large has placed a large commitment by adopting Haro’s sister brand Premium Products. The brand offers both complete bikes ranging from mid-to-high-end, as well as a number of in-demand components.

Garner said of the brand: “Premium Products has been created by Haro and is aimed at the cooler, less commercial rider. Premium has performed very well and not only do we offer a complete range of components but seven different complete bikes too, with RRP prices from £299.95 to £649.95.

“Premium Products is worth considering as it is designed by world-class riders, the dealer margin is very attractive and most importantly it is made by Haro so RRPs are sensible.”

With a number of pro riders on the brand’s books, it’s no wonder sponsorship plays a big part in the marketing of both Haro and Premium. After all Haro began with one rider designing parts for other riders.

“What is a brand without rider representation?” asks Garner. “Moore Large has recognised that it is important to support riders on the Haro brand to firstly keep the brand in the public eye and secondly to get the riders’ input on the bikes themselves. After all it’s a well-known fact the people buy bikes that are ridden by top pro riders. Our investment in BMX race this season has paid off and we now have one full factory BMX race team and one dealer BMX race team. Both are doing amazingly well and sales for Haro BMX race bikes have gone through the roof this year.”

ML has confirmed the brand is already up 20 per cent year-on-year in terms of bike sales. That’s something many will attribute to the modernisation of the brand and the appointment of new San Diego-based designers, with high-profile ad campaigns featuring competition-winning riders such as veteran Ryan Nyquist and Dennis Enarson.

“Exclusivity is very important on this branded product,” concludes Garner. “So existing dealers are dealt with as a priority.” However, stockists are sought across the UK and Garner frequently visits prospective partners. To learn more about Haro Bikes and Premium
Products, contact, or call 07971 991630.

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