New research reveals how people react to brand names, New Scientist reported on 14 August. The success of popular brand names could be because they engage the emotional part of our brain, scientists revealed.

Brand names bring special brain buzz, reports New Scientist

Brand names have a unique impact on our brains, said the 14th August issue of New Scientist magazine.

Brand names engage the "emotional", right-hand side of the brain more than other words, new experiments suggest. And they are more easily recognised when they are in capital letters.

Robert Jones, head of consulting at the brand strategists Wolff Olins in London, told New Scientist: "This is very intriguing indeed. It supports our instinctive belief that brands are a special class of word – they are like a poem all in one word in their ability to evoke and express ideas…A brand’s power is that it conjures up a whole range of associations and ideas, which are primarily emotional."…/news.jsp?id=ns99992662

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