Bouh launches SR600 bike light

A new bike light with a built-in smart alarm system from Bouh is now shipping.

The SR600 was designed and patented by engineering graduate Obaidah Sheikh, after having his own bicycle stolen three times.

He said: “If a thief steals a bike, no-one knows he’s a bike thief, to passers-by it’s just another cyclist. The SR600 adds an audible layer of security which brings attention to the bike in real time and exposes any potential thieves dead in their tracks. Because the alarm is fully integrated into the base of the torch, you don’t even need to think about it – you’ve doubled up your bike security without doing anything extra.”

The alarm, which has its own battery that is automatically recharged when the torch is connected, is engaged by sliding out the lightweight 120g torch and will deactivate when the torch is reconnected. The SR600 uses a built-in motion sensor to recognise the difference between a real theft or an accidental knock, and the 120db siren emits a noise directly at the rider to act as a shocking deterrent.

The torch has a built-in high capacity rechargeable battery bursting to 600 lumens, with five lighting modes delivering over ten hours running time. The lens diffusor distributes light for optimal coverage whilst the compact design keeps the SR600 functional, and every torch has a unique serial number and has to be manually paired with the alarm. The integrated metal clamp securely fastens the smart alarm to handlebars of all shapes and sizes.

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