Trash Free Trails cleaning up Leigh Woods, Bristol, UK

Bosch eBike Systems collaborates with Trash Free Trails

Bosch eBike Systems is collaborating with not-for-profit environmental organisation Trash Free Trails.

The alliance will see Bosch support the publication of Trash Free Trails’ State of Our Trails baseline study – the first stage of an academic research project conducted in association with Bangor University that will investigate the impact and prevalence of plastic pollution on the UK’s mountain bike trails.

The State of Our Trails study aims to shed light on the environmental condition of trails across the country while identifying effective future measures to combat plastic pollution. Alongside financial support, Bosch intends to provide a fleet of Bosch-powered electric mountain bikes in collaboration with existing partner Trek, to aid data collection throughout the research project.

The study’s findings will be published on 5th June 2021 to coincide with World Environment Day, ahead of a comprehensive report expected to be later released in November 2022. The project will contribute to the group’s mission to drastically reduce the volume of plastic pollution in the UK’s wild spaces by 75% before 2025, providing an ‘action plan’ for change.

Tamara Winograd, director of marketing and communications at Bosch eBike Systems, said: “We are very excited to be working with Trash Free Trails. We feel a responsibility to protect the trails that our riders enjoy and to engage with the mountain biking community to make positive changes together. Supporting Trash Free Trails’ valuable work is a very important part of that and we are thoroughly looking forward to the publication of the report.”

Bosch eBike Systems is supporting Trash Free Trails in the fight against plastic pollution

Dom Ferris, co-director and founder of Trash Free Trails, added: “It is clear to those of us who ride, run and roam that our trails and wild places are becoming ever more choked with litter – single-use plastic in particular. But can we back this instinctive, anecdotal knowledge up scientifically? No, not yet.

“This is why we are so proud to be working with Bosch eBike Systems alongside academics at Bangor University to begin work on our groundbreaking State of Our Trails Baseline Study.”

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