Bosch eBike Systems presents its eBike Design Vision

Bosch eBike Systems is presenting its eBike Design Vision – to mark the tenth anniversary of the Bosch drive system.

In 2010, Bosch eBike Systems presented its first drive system for e-bikes. Both the market and the e-bike design have developed rapidly over the past ten years and at the same time, the system components have become increasingly seamlessly integrated into the bicycle design. With the eBike Design Vision, Bosch eBike Systems is presenting the integration of its components in a way that provides “the impetus for the e-bike design of the future”.

The Concept Bike is designed as an Urban Sports Cruiser – its carbon frame with fully integrated front and rear suspension offers comfort for city adventures, commuter trips and off-road trails.

The Bosch drive system merges with the frame and handlebar to form one unit in this design concept. According to Bosch, the integration of the Performance Line CX, the PowerTube 625, the new Nyon on-board computer and the Bosch eBike ABS make the eBike Design Vision a “visual experience”.

The Performance Line CX is fully incorporated in the white carbon frame structure that surrounds it. Side cooling channels in the frame produce the necessary “cooling effect” for the powerful, dynamic drive while riding. The PowerTube 625 is integrated in the downtube and can be removed for charging.

The carbon handlebar unit also has a clean, linear design. The new fully connected Nyon on-board computer is incorporated in the middle of the cockpit. Even the remote for the on-board computer and the two brake levers visually form a single unit with the black handlebar. The cables and hydraulic hoses of the brake system run inside the cockpit structure.

The eBike Design Vision is also equipped with the Bosch eBike ABS. The ABS unit is hidden behind the front luggage rack and fits elegantly into the overall look. The front light – a permanent LED daytime riding light powered by the PowerTube 625 – is attached under the front luggage rack. The LED rear light integrated in the frame rounds off the Concept Bike.

“Our aim in developing the eBike Design Vision is to show what is already possible today when it comes to functional design integration and investigate where the journey might take us in the future,” said Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems. “E-bikes are becoming more confident – even in terms of design.”

Fleischer added: “The emphasis is on the joy of e-biking – and visual and design aspects play an important role here, as do optimum riding dynamics, whether on the road or on the trail. It is important to us that our products should provide the perfect basis for manufacturers’ future design concepts. That’s why we continue to develop our system, aiming for a natural, comfortable and connected eBike riding experience.”

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