Bosch eBike Systems launches new range for ten year anniversary

Bosch eBike Systems has today launched its range of new products, in conjunction with celebrating its ten year anniversary.

Highlights of the new road/tech products include the PowerTube 625, Performance Line CX, Performance Line, Cargo Line, Smartphone Hub, Smart Lock and Anti-Tuning Software.

PowerTube 625
– ‘Next level’ of integrated power
– High energy density, long service life and practical handling
– When used with the Bosch Fast Charger, 100% charge in 3.7 hours/50 % charge in 1.4 hours
– 1,250 Wh with dual battery

Performance Line CX
– A new ‘benchmark’ for motors in the e-MTB sector
– Compact, lightweight drive unit enables optimum integration and agile e-mountain biking
– Decoupled motor and gearbox ensures efficient pedalling and a natural riding feel
– 2.9kg
– Narrow Q Factor

Performance Line
– New generation of Bosch drive unit
– Powerful support, even in high cadences
– Natural riding feeling – ‘barely noticeable’ pedal resistance
– Optimised gearbox for little noise
– Lightweight and robust
– New e-MTB mode for any off-road/multi-terrain riding
– 3.3kg

Cargo Line
– Powerful drive unit optimised for cargo bikes
– A powerful, efficient motor with strong support for heavy loads
– Controlled acceleration
– 2.9kg

Smartphone Hub
– Connects Bosch computer to a smartphone via the eBike Connect app
– Enables rider to control navigation, music, fitness tracker and make calls all from the handlebars
– Connects to apps such as Strava and komoot
– Automatically updates

Smart Lock
– Digital theft protection that deactivates the motor support when the Kiox is disconnected from its mount
– Requires the same Kiox to be reconnected in order to reactivate the motor
– Audible signal when unlocked

Anti-Tuning Software
– Tuning detection for Bosch dealers since MY19
– Anti-tuning software for e-bike drive systems from this range onwards
– While in motion, the software recognises that the e-bike has been tuned, causing ‘limp home mode’ to be activated
– Fulfilment of standard EN15194-2017
– Status as a ‘bike’ with all rights and obligations

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