"Increased cycling will only occur with investment in more cycle parking," says Mayor

Boris backs Evening Standard cycle parking campaign

London Mayor, Boris Johnson has leant his support to an Evening Standard campaign calling for more cycle parkign at London’s stations.

The paper recently found that there is only one parking space for every 700 daily commuters.

Johnson told the Evening Standard: "Most Londoners will find it extraordinary that there are more bike stands in the station at the Dutch city of Leiden, with a mere 120,000 residents, than there are in London’s stations, serving our population of more than seven million.

"I’m glad that like me, the Evening Standard is 100 per cent committed to boosting cycling in London. This can only be achieved with – among other things – more cycle parking. We’re investing record amounts in cycling – £111 million this year alone, and are funding 66,000 new cycle spaces by 2012."

Johnson went on to praise Network Rail for becoming more pro-active in its cycle policy and spoke optimistically about working alongside the rail provider.

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