Specifically, folding bikes. The latest poster ad campaign from Smirnoff Ice, the Guinness UDV-owned vodka brand is a spoof recycling campaign and uses an image of a folding bike to show what kind of products alumunium is wasted on, when it could be made into cans filled with a certain alcopop.

Booze brand besmirches bikes

Of course, Smirnoff Ice is too sophisticated to be known as an alcopop. In the booze trade, the category is known as premium packaged spirits (PPS).

Unlike most other PPS, Smirnoff Ice is targetted at men as well as women.

Smirnoff Ice is a PPS brand leader and was launched in the UK with the tagline ‘As clear as your conscience.’

The latest campaign drops this tagline and the posters are made to look as though they have been produced by some sort of Aluminium Marketing Board.

The ads feature tickboxes against products using aluminium sensibly (such as in cans of Smirnoff Ice) and crosses against products which don’t use aluminium sensibly, including – the cheek – folding bicycles.

Other products to be dissed are duff aluminium sports trophies and naff digital watches, fair enough, but folding bikes? Dahon, Brompton and Birdy should sue (or at least complain to the Advertising Standards Authority and garner a few column inches in the mainstream press)!

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