Over on the bulletin board, IBDs have been asked not to show you their BikeBizBibles. Go get your own copy! Some reps have already splashed their own cash but if your employer equips you with a car, petrol, home fax, laptop and cellphone why not a £25 fact-packed directory that will save you time and equip you with the same 'knowledge' that British bike shops now have at their finger-tips?

Book plug message to road warrior sales execs

If anything, reps need BikeBizBible hard-copies more than shops. IBDs could look up B3 info on the web. Reps are on the road and need offline info.

Reps with Scrooge-like employers can buy their own BikeBizBibles at:


Or unite with your fellow reps and demand your employer equips you all with the sort of directory that costs hundreds of pounds in other industries.

Singletrack magazine calls B3 the "ultimate bike industry directory."

As well as contact details, the BikeBizBible contains a brand name index, an org locator not available online, and a meaty statistics section. There’s also a section on bicycle-related quotes.

"It really is a complete reference guide to the entire cycle industry," said Singletrack.

Five copies cost £95, post-free, shipped individually or in one drop to the company’s HQ.

There’s more bulk buy info here:


Bible advertisers get a healthy discount on multiple copies.

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