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Bollé launches Lightshifter cycling sunglasses

Bollé has introduced its Lightshifter cycling sunglasses.

The latest addition to Bollé’s Performance eyewear range, it benefits from the combination of the “best of Bollé’s technologies and meets all the needs of the performance cyclist”.

Lightshifter is available with Phantom photochromic lenses, Bollé’s latest and “most advanced” lens technology. “Made of NXT offering a mix of exceptional optical clarity and impact resistance, Phantom lenses lighten and darken quickly, adapting automatically to the light conditions and providing the best vision at all times,” said a statement.

“In addition, the lens features a hydrophobic treatment (so that water droplets roll-off) and an oleophobic treatment (to repel dirt), keeping the cyclist’s vision clear. Lastly, a frontal air vent ensures optimal airflow and prevents fog, and stylish lasered details on the lens offer a premium and assertive look.”

Lightshifter is available with prescription lenses that are inserted directly into the shield, ensuring all the frames properties and lens performance remain.

“In addition to the lens technology, the frame’s conception proves to have also been designed for action and performance,” the brand continued. “Lightshifter’s modern and sharp semi-rimless design combines extreme lightness and perfect stability, with the top of the frame staying in contact with the face while the rimless part allows a wider field of vision.

“The curve of the temples improves comfort and stability by allowing more of Bollé’s Thermogrip hydrophilic rubber to be in contact with the skin. Also placed on the adjustable nose piece, Thermogrip ensures a perfect grip during the most intense action.”

Lightshifter will be available in November in six colours, including two Phantom lens options.

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