Bollé “commits to protection” with 100% MIPS helmet range

Bollé has announced a reinforced partnership with MIPS.

It will now feature the MIPS brain protection system on every new ski and cycling Bollé helmet, becoming the “first brand” with such an offering.

“Established in the world of science with over 20 years of research, MIPS has been collaborating successfully with Bollé for years,” said a statement.

“Just like Bollé, the mission of MIPS is to offer best-in-class protection based on innovation and research.

“Committed to offering only the best possible solutions to create safer and most performant helmets, both brands work hand in hand and challenge themselves to achieve this vision.

“To achieve this goal, MIPS approached the protection issues from an innovative angle, resulting in the MIPS brain protection system.”

Bollé will feature the MIPS technology in all new helmet development.

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