The 50cm tall, 5kg robot can reach speeds of 60 cm per second, can track-stand on a 2cm wide beam and has been entered for next year's Tour de France. Only the last bit has been made up.

Boffins create bike-riding robot

Japanese electronics firm Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is to feature a bicycling robot on its booth at the CEATEC Japan 2005 electronics show, which starts tomorrow.

Called Murata Boy, the bike-bot receives commands from a PC via wireless LAN. It is equipped with four types of sensors: two gyro sensors used to detect angular velocity and inclination; an ultrasonic sensor to detect obstacles; and a shock sensor to detect rough surfaces.

Apparently, the World Anti Doping Authority is working on a test to check whether any current professional cyclists use performance-enhancing bionic parts.

Source: EE Times.

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