Body Rocket to launch direct force drag measurement device

Brighton-based sports tech start-up Body Rocket is set to launch the “world’s first” direct force drag meter.

The new Body Rocket device, still in its final phase of development, has validated its on-the-road performance against the industry standard of wind tunnel testing at the University of Southampton. The testing was designed to evaluate both detailed and major changes to rider position. The results saw a 0.9% average deviation between the wind tunnel and Body Rocket measurements.

Measurements from three smart components on the bike, smart pedals, seat post and aero-riser, feed into the device which applies machine learning algorithms to give feedback. This delivers numerical feedback to the rider when testing positions, apparel and accessories on the bike under real-world conditions.

“For more than a decade we’ve seen technological developments across the cycling industry to make bikes, wheels, helmets, even socks, be more aerodynamic and sensors now give live feedback on a range of factors from power, temperature, gradients and much more,” said founder Eric DeGolier.

“But, despite the rider being 85% of the full aerodynamic package on a bike, no-one has been able to provide cyclists with accurate feedback on aerodynamic drag on the road and in real-time. Body Rocket is the first direct-force drag measurement integrated into a bike and represents a huge technological breakthrough. It’s something that would offer greater improvement to speed and efficiency during one ride, than through months of training.

“We set about designing a system that could bring technology, usually reserved for top tier professionals, to the masses with accurate and real-time feedback. Years of research, engineering and expertise have brought us to the point where we now have the only on-road product that can be proven accurate through wind tunnel testing validation. Gone are the days of needing to break the bank to spend time in a wind tunnel. Reduced drag is, put simply, free speed. We’re on the verge of making everyone faster and more efficient.”

Body Rocket’s wind tunnel validation testing is funded by the Sprint programme, enabling the company to access the University of Southampton’s technology. With wind tunnel validation complete, Body Rocket will be starting field testing of the device later this spring. The company is also launching an equity crowdfunding campaign in March. Anyone interested in finding out more about investing ahead of the campaign can get in touch with Body Rocket directly by contacting

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