Bob Elliot to produce in-house wheels range

Bob Elliot is to launch a wide range of replacement wheels into the UK market which will be manufactured in-house.

Stock will become available over the coming weeks and will be named KX Wheels.

Sean Green, project manager, said: “We have purchased our own machinery in order to bring this exciting project to the market. It has brought new challenges but collectively we have the skillset within the team to deliver a high-quality range of wheels to dealers. The advantage of bringing production in-house is we now have full control over the product range and the quality of the product we are bringing to market. Coupled with this will be the ability to deliver competitive pricing and offer strong margins to dealers.”

Paul Elliot, director, said: “Changes in our supply chain over recent months resulted in us needing to look for alternative options for replacement wheels. Our decision to move forwards into production wasn’t taken lightly, but we are very confident it is an exciting and progressive move for our Company. We have over 50-years worth of wheel-building experience working in our team so adapting those skills to using the specialist machinery we have installed will allow us to bring a high-quality, reliable and economical wheel to market. We will lace and produce a finished wheel to precise tolerances, determined using the machines software. All wheels will be built here, at HQ using componentry from all around the World. We will be able to deliver wheels to customers next day.”

The range will be divided into the different adult wheel size categories (700C, 26in, 27.5in, 29in) as well as various options on colour, hub and rim types. Bob Elliot has said it will have continuity of components helping to deliver matching front and rear pairs. All wheels will be finished with hangtags, barcodes and the assurance of ‘strong quality control from its production’. “We will be able to react to market demands and offer custom options as we settle into production over the coming months,” it added.

Bob Elliot has said it will have a period of transition between its existing supply and introducing KX Wheels to the market. All products come with new codes. These are now live to see on the website for viewing and stock will become available towards the end of April, and will grow throughout 2019.

Contact or Sean on 01772 459 887 for any further information.

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