Brand is looking to grow its dealer base

Boardman launches Elite 2014 series for hand-picked IBDs

Boardman Bikes’ all-new Elite Series has been re-engineered, redefined and enhanced to create six frame platforms for 2014.

The line-up is retailed through its ‘existing hand-picked, high-end independent bikes shops’ in the UK and beyond and is on the look out to grow and add to that retailer base.

Boardman has added to the Elite Series AiR, AiR/TT and SLR platforms by creating the all-new SLS, CXR and AiR/TTE models. The SLS is an all-day fast riding Endurance frame combining comfort with performance. The CXR is a fast multi-terrain bike for off-road and gravel grinding. The AiR/TTE has been designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics technology and wind tunnel testing, resulting in a fast, aerodynamic frame platform which has a five per cent increase over the Kona winning AiR/TTm – according to the brand.

Director of R&D Chris Boardman said: “Genuine improvements have been made across the board. This latest incarnation has been informed by our R&D department over an intensive and extensive period of more than two years. We’ve utilised the latest CAD, CFD and FEA technologies and combined with non-traditional cycling industry knowledge as part of the process. The result is a range designed to give you a bike which will allow you to get the best performance from your ride. It will be exciting to see the Brownlee’s racing their new AiR/9.8’s next season."

Andy Smallwood, director of Operations, added: “The 2014 range has been designed for the elite rider through to the serious enthusiast who appreciates a high performance product. We are extremely proud of the new Elite range which offers exceptional bikes whilst still maintaining the price competitiveness you expect from Boardman – and will be attractive to existing fans of Boardman and new customers alike. As an integral part of our company’s development we are looking to grow and add to our existing hand-picked, high-end independent bike shops across the UK and the world, allowing even more riders to access our bikes.”

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