Avocet Sports says IBDs wanting BMX stock can plump for Coyote

BMX shortage? What BMX shortage?

The lead story on the December BikeBiz magazine is about the shortage of branded BMX bikes in the run-up to Christmas.

"If you’re not a hardcore BMX stockist and you haven’t pre-ordered lots of stock, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to get your hands on any mid- to high-end BMXes in the next few weeks," warned the BikeBiz front cover.

Responding to this story, Steven Walsh of Avocet Sports said:

"Everyone knows that this is a BMX Christmas with most of the middle-high end brands selling out. However, Avocet Sports have all eight of our brand new Coyote range available ex stock with good supply availability through to Christmas and beyond."

Coyote designer Darren Block claims that the Coyotes are "as good bike-for-bike as anything else on the market, with better value specifications."

Avocet is offering a deal to take one of each model and receive the Impaler model FOC with extended credit.

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