Two companies - Standard and UnKnown - launch sub four pound frames

BMX frame four pound mark firmly broken

Two BMX companies have stepped the other side of the four pound weight threshold for the first time, sparking further debate about when does weight compromise strength?’

Standard Bike Company – a long-standing brand available via Zeal – has anounced it the LTA (Lighter Than All) frame, which weighs in at Three pounds, 14.4 ounces.

Prior to Standard’s announcement, the only brand to cross the four pound mark were relatively new brand UnKnown Bike Co, who appear to have distribution only through select BMX specialist retailers.

UnKnown, however, offers a lifetime warranty on its 3.7 pound Evolution frame.

BMX race frames have been appearing sub-four-pound for some time, however the freestyle market has long aspired to meet the super-low weights found on the track.

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