The car brand has produced the bike/kayak/snowboard game to promote its new X3 'Sport Activity' vehicle. The 3D game was designed to "mirror the active lifestyles of the vehicles' prospective purchasers."

BMW North America launches online game featuring MTB action

BMW North America has designed the game with "built-in viral aspects". The ‘challenge a friend’ component invites users to e-mail others to invite them to play the game and compete on a private scoreboard that only they can access.

Jim McDowell, VP of marketing, BMW of North America, LLC, said:

"We designed the X3 for buyers who have a passion for performance while also needing space to be always on the go with their snowboard, mountain bike or kayak.

"Our goal for the X3 marketing campaign is to capture the spirit and personality of the vehicle and its target audience. The BMW X3 Adventure game continues what we hope will be a fun, evocative campaign that promotes not only the car, but its personality and the adventure seeking lifestyle it caters to."

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