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BMC to supply IBDs with motion sensing kit

The Swiss high-end bike company BMC is to supply some of its participating dealers with motion capture systems from Organic Motion of the US.

Unlike motion sensor systems which require the body to be covered in electronic patches, the Organic Motion system is "markerless" so a cyclist can have his or her pedalling stance and motion monitored while wearing standard cycling gear.

BMC plans to roll out the system to its worldwide network of dealers in the last part of 2009. The agreement marks the first application of motion capture technology for widespread public retail environments, said Andrew Tschesnok, CEO of Organic Motion.

"A scientifically approved fitting process is an important mosaic piece which influences the cyclist’s riding performance considerably and therefore completes the high-tech experience a typical BMC customer has with our innovative Swiss precision machines," said BMC’s Rolf Singenberger.

"Organic Motion’s systems give us a competitive advantage and the unique ability to provide our customers with a real-time in-store experience that comfortably tracks their cycling motion and helps promote our newest and most advanced product lines to come."

Organic Motion’s OpenSTAGE platform accurately digitises the movements of an individual. Unlike traditional motion capture systems which require the subject to put on special tracking body suits, Organic Motion users wear their regular clothing. A rapid succession of individuals can pass through the system and each person’s exact body movement data will be instantly streamed into software for analysis and display. In BMC’s systems, each rider’s digital motion will flow into a customised biomechanical application for cycling.

Tschesnok said: "By eliminating the bodysuit, we have taken motion capture out of the ‘back office’ and we are bringing the benefits of motion capture to everyone."

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