Model's price bracket means it will be eligible for Cycle to Work

Birdy to offer sub £500 folder

To qualify for the Government Cycle to Work scheme, Birdy has announced that it will step away from its traditional £1,000 plus territory with the launch of (with C2W discounts taken into account) a sub-£500 folder.

Recent fluctuations in the Euro meant that the cheapest model was on course to retail for more than £1,100, pricing the model above the accepted qualification bracket for C2W buyers.

With that in mind, the manufacturers Riese und Müller of Germany, has made a slightly lower spec’d version exclusively for the UK market: the C2W, which retails at £999, including mudguards.

According to UK sales agent Alan Davidson: "The suspension and 18-inch wheels, coupled with the aluminium monocoque frame, give a smooth, lightweight (12kg) and responsive ride on a par with a lightweight full-sized bike."

Stockist opportunities for the Birdy range, as well as other brands under the Amazing Wheels portfolio are now available. Those interested should contact Amazing Wheels UK on
0161 408 5794.

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