The Styriette e-bike will be launched at Interbike. The bike is based on a powered bike design from 1938.

BionX updates a classic

The original 1938 Styriette was an powered bicycle. Built by Steyr-Daimler Puch with a 60cc two-stroke motor, the Styriette could propel riders around the Austrian region of Styria at up to 20mph.

The Styriette has been reimagined and relaunched by BionX. The 350w high torque motor-generator and slim 37Volt Sony battery are integrated into the frame and allow the Styriette to carry riders for up to 40 or 60 miles per charge depending on battery option level of power assist required.

Built in a limited run of 500 as a demonstration of the full range of BionX capabilities, the Styriette is launched at Interbike. The bike has already won awards in Europe for design and innovation. A Styriette will be used in the Interbike Fashion Show.

The Styriette is powered by a BionX IGH3 internally geared SRAM 3-speed rear propulsion hub.

“We’re very pleased to launch the Styriette,” said Vincent Lamoureux, Global Sales and Marketing Director at Bionx.

“It’s a showcase for the capabilities of our groundbreaking IGH3 internal hub and of the way in which BionX e-bike systems can be seamlessly integrated into the original design of a bike as well as being easily and quickly installed as a retrofit. With only 100 in North America, we’re expecting these to become collectors’ items.”

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