V2.0 goes live with improved social sharing functions

Biologic updates BikeBrain app

BioLogic has announced an upgrade to its BikeBrain app, which now allows users to link their phone cameras directly to the app and geotag locations to maps.

Post ride, a user can select which shots to send to Google Maps, or a Facebook feed with the same simple, one-button sharing.

“There are a bunch of Apps out there that let you share ride data, but nobody likes Facebook posts full of speed and distance data,” said BioLogic product manager, Stewart Clarke. “We find pictures much more interesting and we’ve made batch uploading to Facebook one button simple.”

These sharing functions are available in the Social Sharing Module, one of three separate upgrades that allow users to only pay for additional content that they need. Data-geeks will also be able to monitor their pace, altitude and calories used through the Data Enhancement feature, while hard core cyclists can store an unlimited amount of customised training profiles in the Training module.

In addition to the latest app release, all users will now be able to create a profile and access user manuals on the newly launched www.BikeBrain.net.

Users who have previously upgraded to BikeBrain Plus will receive the three upgrade modules for free, but new users can purchase each app upgrade for $0.99, or buy all three at a discount for $1.99.

The latest version of BikeBrain will be available for download on Wednesday, August 8 through the App Store here.

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