A tiny fraction of Steve Jobs' fortune has been spent on a new bike. What has the Apple CEO and founder plumped for? SoCal MTB? Carbon fibre road bike? iXi folding bike with integral iPod holder?

Billionaire buys a “wonderful” bicycle

He’s not telling.

To a reporter who asked what kind of bike, he held up his hands, stopping the questions: "That’s as far into my private life as I want to go."

He had been asked what was the last piece of technology that he had bought – not made by Apple – that really delighted him?

"I actually bought a bicycle recently. It’s just…wonderful," he said.

Apple, the company Jobs founded in 1976, has been linked to bicycles in the past. The Apple Macintosh was, for a brief period, the Apple Bicycle.

The details are on Folklore.org, the website of Andy Hertzfeld, one of the Apple techies that helped develop the Macintosh:

"Jef Raskin [father of the Macintosh] chose the name ‘Macintosh’, after his favorite kind of apple, so when Jef was forced to go on an extended leave of absence in February 1981, Steve Jobs and Rod Holt decided to change the name of the project, partially to distance it from Jef.

"Apple had recently taken out a two page ad in Scientific American, featuring quotes from Steve Jobs about the wonders of personal computers. The ad explained how humans were not as fast runners as many other species, but a human on a bicycle beat them all. Personal computers were "bicycles for the mind."

"A month or so after Jef’s departure, Rod Holt announced to the small design team that the new code name for the project was ‘Bicycle’, and that we should change all references to ‘Macintosh’ to ‘Bicycle’."

The new name never caught on.



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