Bikmo for Business launches to offer cycling and mobility companies specialist brokering and advice

Cycle insurance specialist Bikmo is launching ‘Bikmo for Business’, a new insurance advice, product broking and management service for companies across the cycling, mobility and gig-economy sectors.

Bikmo for Business aims to support a wide range of cycling and mobility-centric businesses with advice and products ranging from straightforward liability and property policies, to more bespoke solutions for businesses that do not fit the traditional cookie-cutter approach that open-market insurers can apply to business insurance.

The service starts with a free online booked 30-minute consultation with Bikmo’s experts, investing time to get to know the business and the people behind it. This is also an opportunity to identify the main risk considerations and insurance solutions to address them. Following this, Bikmo will work with its trusted panel of underwriters to put forward a comprehensive cover recommendation.

Bikmo said it is seeing more demand for ‘non-standard’ insurance policies from startups and innovative business models, and also more businesses looking to embed insurance protection with their service or product to better support their customers or members.

Ben Frith, retail and commercial insurance manager at Bikmo, said: “Companies spend significant sums on insurance premiums every year, and yet time and time again I hear business owners reporting that they still feel under-prepared and under-protected, with an overwhelming sense of dread that cover vulnerabilities will be exposed just at the time support is needed most.

‘’I’m delighted to be spearheading our campaign to demystify insurance for cycling businesses, going back to basics to help owners regain cover confidence, offering a tailored consultative approach to significantly bolster the support available to the commercial businesses and organisations that underpin our booming cycling community.”

Bikmo launched its consumer cycle insurance in 2014, now covering tens of thousands of riders’ bikes and gear. It also powers the insurances provided through its official partners including British Cycling, Brompton and Cyclescheme.

The official opening of Bikmo for Business builds these partnerships, and on commercial insurance solutions already delivered, including rider accident insurance for Deliveroo and operation-critical liability protection for Tier Mobility’s London e-scooter trials – both in collaboration with risk and insurance experts, Tribe Advisory.

David George, CEO at Bikmo, said: “Partnering with and supporting the awesome businesses and organisations that make up the cycling sector from sole-traders to global brands has been a core part of our mission of protecting the world’s riders from day one at Bikmo.

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‘’I’m excited that the launch of Bikmo For Business is the next step in our ability to support and protect those businesses, building a more resilient industry and making us better prepared to tackle local and global challenges that the cycling sector will face in the years to come.”

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