BikeAbility training as part of the national curriculum welcomed by CEO

BikeRight endorses Get Britain Cycling report

BikeRight has added its thoughts to the now published Get Britain Cycling enquiry report, welcoming the call for cycling as part of the national curriculum.

With a petition now live urging the Government to implement the recommendations of the report, BikeRight CEO Liz Clarke has welcomed the contents, telling BikeBiz:

"We urge the government to implement the quick wins that can be achieved by the Department for Education requiring schools to provide cycle training for children as part of the national curriculum. The economic benefits in improved health and saved lives far outweigh the cost of the scheme. The infrastructure for delivering this programme is already in place, through the National Standard for cycle training and the network of training providers belonging to the Association of Bikeability Schemes. While not a substitute for the substantial investment which the report calls for, Bikeability training is a low-cost long term investment that teaches children the skills to keep themselves safe and healthy throughout their adult life.

"In the Netherlands, the change from motorised urbanisation to a cycle-friendly culture was led in the 1970s by protesting mothers of child cyclists who had been killed in road accidents. This report gives the opportunity for the UK to make a similar change without being stimulated by tragic circumstances.

"We agree that cycling is uniquely spread across many parts of life – and consequently funding should be spread across government departments responsible for highways, health, education, transport, environment and sport. If this approach were adopted by central government that would be hugely effective in realising the £10 to £20 per head investment that the inquiry calls for.

"The report does not refer to the impact on the climate and environment. But as most urban areas have a plan for a low-carbon economy, significant increases in cycling (and decreases in fuel emissions) can figure highly in measures to achieve this, although in general cycling and sustainable transport are low down in the list of priorities. BikeRight!s work with local authorities shows this is both achievable and measurable and provides an ideal vehicle for government to reward local authorities for providing a win-win way of stimulating the economy.“

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