Bikepacking brand Tailfin releases new Cage Pack system

Bikepacking brand Tailfin has released its new Cage Pack range.

Tailfin said the new Cage Pack range aims to work as seamlessly as possible with its existing Cargo Cages and, in doing so, “create a complete storage system designed to maximise performance and address all the issues current cages and dry bags tend to suffer”.

The brand has developed a full range of Cage Packs: 1.7 litre, 3 litre and 5 litres. The Tailfin Cage Packs are shaped with flat side panels to minimise interference with the rider when used inside the frame or under the down tube.

Tailfin said it created the Speed Hook system to eliminate the “tedious” nature of traditional ‘daisy chain’ style closed strap guide loop systems commonly found on existing bikepacking drybags. “The open-ended design of the Speed Hook enables you to semi-set up your straps and simply guide/drop the bag in and provides a secure hold on the bag even when using cargo cages without a platform.

“We spaced the Strap Hooks to align perfectly with the strap guides found on our Cargo Cages, but the spacing is also compatible with any strap arrangement. In addition, the Strap Hooks will accept any brand of cargo strap up to 25mm in width.”

Tailfin said it opted to produce the Cage Pack without an internal framework as it is to be used in conjunction with a Cargo Cage system, utilising the cage to provide the structure required to keep the load stable.

Incorporated strap guide slots located at the sides of the packs provide an additional means of securing the pack to the cargo cage. These slots also help tidy any loose strap ends to create a neater pack.

– Works with all cargo cages but is designed to work perfectly with Tailfin Cargo Cages
– Three volumes: 1.7, 3 and 5 litres
– 1.7L: designed for inside frame placement and under the downtube on road/gravel bikes
– 3L: designed for inside frame placement and under the downtube on MTBs as well as fork and rack mounting
– 5L: purely for fork and rack mounting
– Fully waterproof construction
– Engineered Speed Hook loading system
– Easy access roll-top opening
– 420D fabric on all high wear areas
– Bikepacking specific Tailfin TPU Cargo Straps
– Five year, no quibble warranty
– Crash replacement service
– Load weight limit: 1.5kg per riv nut (check with individual bike manufacturer)
– Option to purchase with 2x Tailfin TPU Cargo Strap in volume appropriate length. 1.7L with 40cm, 3L with 50cm, 5L with 65cm
– Weight of bags without straps: 1.7L – 115g, 3L – 154g, 5L – 183g
– Weight of bags including straps: 1.7L – 171g, 3L – 220g, 5L – 265g
– Pricing (without straps): 1.7L – £30, 3L – £35, 5L – £45
– Pricing (with pair of straps): 1.7L – £40, 3L – £45, 5L – £55

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Released in conjunction with the Cage Packs is the Cargo Strap range:

– Ultra-durable and shatter-resistant Nylon 6/6 Load Lock Buckle will flex back when hit rather than deform like an aluminium buckle
– Load Lock Buckle design enables easy, one-handed strap cinching and reliable locking
– Shaped to prevent any contact with bicycle frame tubing, preventing frame rub.
– Tuned TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) strap material offers the perfect blend of stretch, strength and durability
– All parts are highly abrasion and tear-resistant
– Wide temperature operating range
– Available in 40, 50 and 65cm lengths
– Price (per strap): 40cm – £7.50, 50cm – £8, 65cm – £8.50
– Price (when bought with Cage Pack): £10 per pair

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