Merkel, Eurobike, Cappaccinolocks, re-stealing your pilfered bike back...all that and more in our week round-up, plus a bunch of videos

BikeBiz’s top stories of the week, August 30th 2013

Bike crime victim ‘steals’ back bike
Taking the law into your own hands is a risky business to say the least, but one Vancouver bartender did that and ‘stole’ back her bike after seeing it listed online for sale. Don’t try this at home, folks.

Research claims Strava encourages riders to cycle anti-socially
Strava’s popularity has shot through the roof but this week the app – and others like it that are perhaps not as high profile – came under fire with a study claiming it encourages riders to cycle anti-socially among other cyclists (though blaming an app for people’s behaviour is perhaps taking the biscuit). Also this week Abus (at Eurobike) has warned about the dangers of Strava and its ilk – click here for more on that.

Lazer unveils Z1 helmet and ‘Cappaccinolock’
Sticking with Eurobike, Lazer’s new road helmet offering and a quirky lock have been garnering a lot of attention and comment. Search for BikeBiz on Twitter and you’ll see some of that.

Shimano recalls mechanical road bike discs
Shimano’s disc brakes for road bikes have gone down a storm at Eurobike, but by contrast the brand issued a voluntary recall of its mechanical disc brake calipers for road bikes. For the full details, click on the headline above.

Cycling czar rejected as Government responds to Get Britain Cycling report
Pre-empting the Parliamentary debate next week, the Government gave its official response to the Get Britain Cycling report this week, sadly resisting many of the recommendations – including creating a national ‘cycling czar’ role – and instead placing much of the responsibility for creating cycle facilities with cash-strapped local authorities.

Angela Merkel opens Eurobike
I’m not sure we’ll ever get tired of pointing out that one of the world’s most powerful leaders took hours out of her no-doubt insanely busy schedule to open Eurobike and align herself with the bicycle industry. Will it have any influence on other leaders? There’s more on Eurobike here (with plenty more in the forthcoming October edition of the mag).

And onto the videos…first is this offering on Norglide and Thomson. Specially developed Norglide bearings from Saint-Gobain have been developed for use in Thomson’s Elite Seat Dropper. The Norglide bearing is a low-friction PTFE liner on the surface of the bearing which is attached to aluminum or steel backing. The bearing (bushing) allows for smooth, reliable operation, and prevents any spongy-sloppy feeling.

There’s a surprisingly large amount of variants of the classic mudguard. Here’s Plume’s own mudguards in action:

Finally, we finish this eclectic mix with a video from Lezyne. Currently dazzling Eurobike crowds with its lights and suchlike, here we have founder Micki Kozushek leading an inside look at the company.

In other news...

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