BikeBiz’s guide to the latest wheels, tyres and inner tubes

This month, we take a look at the latest wheels, tyres and inner tubes from some of the leading brands in the sector, including Halo Wheels, Campagnolo, Challenge, Bosch, Scope, Continental, Reserve, Arisun, Impac, WTB, Michelin, Princeton CarbonWorks, Panaracer, Hutchinson, Acros, CST, ETC, Zipp, Race Face, FFWD, Teravail, Goodyear, DT Swiss, Muc-Off, Weldtite and Ere Research


Halo WheelsDynamo Wheel Range

Distributor: Ison Distribution

Don’t let winter stop you! Halo’s range of SP equipped dynamo wheels is the most expansive on the market, with 19 individual options. Starting at a mere £135 with the White Line Urban Disc Dyno wheel and finishing at £290 with the flagship alloy dyno wheel, the Devaura RD2 Dyno wheel, Halo’s range shares the same message. High-quality UK built wheels with the ability to see you through the winter and your next bikepacking trip.

Campagnolo Shamal Carbon DB

Distributor: Chicken CycleKit

The first Campagnolo wheel dedicated to endurance cycling, in keeping with the Campagnolo mantra of breaking the mould and looking to the future with the Shamal. This new product was intended for a broader customer base, with a new, more accessible price point, but with every feature necessary to guarantee the maximum performance and style that characterise Campagnolo wheels. The 21mm 2-Way Fit tubeless rim profile is perfect for 25c through to 50c gravel tyres adding to this wheel’s versatility.

Challenge Strada Bianca Pro

Distributor: Upgrade Bikes 

Challenge has pioneered a range of handmade tubeless tyres that are uniquely constructed with a high thread count (260Tpi) and a sealed inner layer rather than traditional vulcanised (rubberised) tyre casing traditionally used for tubeless. The handmade approach maintains almost all the compliance and road feel of a handmade clincher but with the benefits of going tubeless when used with their high-pressure Smart Tubeless Sealant. 

Bosch Easypump

Distributor: Raleigh Bike Parts

This handy, compact and innovative device from Bosch offers a hassle and fatigue-free solution to inflating your tyres. A real-time pressure gauge allows you to measure your tyre pressure with precision, whilst an automatic switch-off facility means over-inflation is no longer an issue! Weighing in at less than 500g, this pump takes up very little room in the car, garage or wherever you choose to store it. The Easypump is exactly that – an efficient, energy and time-saving tool that any cyclist will be glad to own!


Distributor: 2pure

Description: The R5 is Scope’s most aerodynamic wheelset, with a rim width of 26mm and a depth of 55mm it is tailored for high speed. The road-specific wide carbon wheels are the first choice for Scope’s sponsored road teams with the rim brake version only weighing 1.595g. The R5 is based on the findings of computational fluid dynamics and efficiently reduces drag, tests have shown that the R5 sets a new performance benchmark in its category. An eye-catcher that redefines the standard!


Distributor: Raleigh, ZyroFisher, Bob Elliot, i-ride

Ruban and eRuban Plus are Continental’s new energy-saving SUV allrounders that cover you, both for Rural and Urban. The partner for your commute, running errands and the weekend ride. Covering 26”, 27.5 & 29” from 2.1 to 2.6” widths. Options include E25 wire bead, E25 folding, which is a Tubeless Ready Shieldwall System casing, and an E50 eRuban Plus featuring a hybrid Poly-X & Plus anti-puncture breaker.  An energy-saving fast-rolling centre is complemented by sturdy shoulder lugs. All versions feature the proprietary PureGrip compound.

Reserve Reserve 25

Distributor: Jungle Products

Riding a rigid bike on washboard roads might look great on Instagram, but 80 miles in, you’ll be grateful for every bit of cushion you can get. The Reserve 25 is designed for gravel bikes and supports a 40-55mm 650b tyre, delivering extra traction and a bit more cushion than a 700c wheel, thanks to the additional air volume. The hookless design belies its mountain bike provenance, and J-bend spokes and external nipples make it ideal for long tours where replacement and repair isn’t so much a matter of if but when. Oh, and did we mention lifetime warranty?

Arisun TyresArisun XLR8 Sentinel Tyre

Distributor: Velobrands

The Arisun XLR8 Sentinel is an exceptional tyre for road, touring and hybrid bikes. It has a V-shaped tread that was adapted from Arisun’s BMX range for precise grip and quick acceleration and reflective sidewalls to ensure high visibility. Arisun’s K-Rubber Defence technology defends against punctures with a 1.5mm thick composite mix of rubber and kevlar, whilst it’s P-Rubber Defence tech adds further protection with a 5mm thick layer of high-elastic rubber.

Impac – Inner tube range

Distributor: Chicken CycleKit

Excellent value inner tubes, manufactured by Schwalbe under the IMPAC brand. With boxed singles and bulk workshop pack available, these are the perfect inner tubes to stock the shelves. Made from quality Butyl and with tube sizes ranging from 12” through 700c to 29”, Schrader or Presta valves in multiple lengths, there is an inner tube suitable for your needs.

WTB/Formula 29” ‘Boost’ Disc Wheelset

Distributor: Raleigh Bike Parts

These 29-inch wheels boast WTB STi29 tubeless-ready wide trail rims, as well as excellent quality sealed cartridge bearing Formula hubs. A 29mm internal width offers fantastic tyre stability, whilst the Formula hubs will ensure these wheels reliably keep on turning mile upon mile, kilometre after kilometre. The Shimano freehub will happily accommodate the cassette of your choice, from 8-speed all the way to 11-speed. In summary, a top-performing do-it-all-wheel which won’t break the bank, set at an affordable price. Also available in 27.5”.


Distributor: Silverfish UK

The Protek Road Tyre is a sturdy and versatile tyre ideally suited to everyday use on city tarmac and tracks. Designed for greater rolling efficiency, the Protek, has a robust construction and a 1mm reinforcement offering effective anti-puncture protection (increased to 5mm of protection on the Protek Max). The tyre also features a progressive sipe density design with more sipes on the shoulders for excellent wet grip and reflective bands on the sidewalls to improve safety in low light conditions. The Protek range is perfect for all city and urban bike whether e-powered or conventional pedal.

Princeton CarbonWorksWake 6560

Distributor: Ison Distribution

Giro d’Italia winning wheels! Advanced aerospace engineering facilitates better speed through the breakthrough of dynamic cross-section variability – Wake – which yields lower drag and reduced effects of vortex shedding. Optimised mechanical design paired with advanced manufacturing increases stress distribution and enables weight reduced layup schedule. Princeton CarbonWorks Wake 6560 breaks industry benchmarks and forces discerning riders to recalibrate aerodynamic, strength, stability and weight expectations.

Panaracer Aliso/Romero TLC MTB

Distributor: ZyroFisher

Available in two versions, the Panaracer Aliso & Romero are 2 new tyres from U.S. product designer Derin Stockton. Available in multiple widths in both 27.5 & 29”. Both designs use a Triple Compound tread to suit a variety of conditions and also come in 2 versions. HO (High Output) for a more dynamic ride and ST (Super Tough) with the addition of a Bead Filler and Anti-Flat Plus Casing to give you the ultimate protection on the harshest terrain.

Hutchinson TiresFusion 5 Performance

Distributor: Windwave

The performance model of the Fusion 5 family from tubeless tyre pioneers Hutchinson is the perfect all-rounder for road cyclists wishing to go both fast and far. Featuring a Kevlar reinforcement under the tread, the Fusion 5 Performance provides reassurance and superior durability up to 4,000 km. With a supple 127 TPI casing and low weight starting at 190g, the Fusion 5 Performance is available in four sizes from 23mm to 30mm.

Acros XC SLS RC 29 Carbon

Distributor: Oxford Products

The flagship model when it comes to XC and marathon. This SLS or Superlight Series wheel weighs in at an incredible 1286g. The wheels come with Acros Nineteen XC Boost Hubs which are made from high-strength 7075 aluminium. Finished off with Sapim CX-Ray spokes this is one of the lightest wheels around.


Distributor: Bickers

The CST Pika was made for the backroads. The tyre rolls fast on loose gravel thanks to its ramped centre knobs and provides traction in corners due to U-shaped shoulder knobs. The Pika features dual compound tread for the perfect combination of mileage and grip. It’s equipped with Exceptional Puncture Safety protection thanks to a tightly-woven poly-fibre insert between the tread and the casing.

ETC Quick Fit Inner Tube 700 x 35 

Distributor: Moore Large

Designed for e-bikes and busy commuters, the quick fit inner tube is designed to allow fitment without removing the wheel. If you get a puncture whilst out simply cut out the old tube, slightly inflate the quick-fit tube and insert it, then inflate and you’re good to go. The essential accessory for quick application and minimum disruption.

Zipp303 Firecrest Disc Wheelset

Distributor: ZyroFisher

With the 303 Firecrest Zipp have achieved “Total System Efficiency” through reduced weight (290g lighter than the previous iteration), trademark Aerodynamics, reduced body vibration loss and reduced rolling resistance, proving to be more capable than ever in meeting the demands of the modern rider, who may ride more than just tarmac roads. 2020 also saw the introduction of a lifetime warranty for damage during intended use as well as defects in materials or workmanship, for the lifetime of the product.

Race FaceNext R Carbon Wheels

Distributor: Silverfish UK

You’ve never stopped pushing your limits, why would we? Race Face’s carbon wheelset is designed to take the punishment any trail can throw at it. Striking the balance between shred-ready and climb-crushing, the wheels come in a range of width options and sizes all of which are built for enduro style abuse, and an offset spoke hole layout delivering improved tension balance to up the sturdiness and premium Super-Fast Engagement, Vault Hubs. On top of that, you also get Race Face’s two-year no-fault guarantee.


Distributor: Extra UK

The new RYOT 33 is built around a 33mm rim with a wide 21mm inner width, perfect for wider tyres whilst still maintaining an smooth aerodynamic profile with the tyre. Built around the new DT Siss 240 EXP hub, the RYOT 33 wheelset weighs only 1465g, excellent for climbers wanting to experience the benefits of wider tyres, or even for light gravel riders with tyres up to 42mm!

Teravail Washburn

Distributor: Lyon Cycle

Teravail intentionally design tyres to honour and conquer specific terrain. The Washburn is a new high-performance tyre suitable for gravel and all-road riding. Ideal for rides that cover everything from rough pavement to fast gravel, it’s a tire that suits our British winter road riding needs perfectly A slick centre tread improves rolling efficiency for floating over dirt and gravel or rough tarmac. Progressive transition lugs and tall side lugs are spaced out to shed debris and provide progressive grip in turns and loose terrain.

ChallengeLatex Inner Tube. 47mm valve

Distributor: Upgrade Bikes

Challenge seamless latex inner tubes save riding energy compared to butyl tubes. Latex is more supple so reduces rolling resistance and improves comfort, traction and cornering. Puncture protection is greatly improved as latex is more flexible, extending up to 8 times its original size, whereas butyl only about 1.5 times. Latex tubes are typically lighter at 60g for the Challenge 19-28mm tube. Challenge seamless latex inner tube is by far the most affordable way of improving the performance and overall feel of your bike.

CSTRock Hawk

Distributor: Bickers

The Rock Hawk is the ideal mountain bike tyre for loose footing, mud and rainy conditions. It is perfect for tough climbs, technical downhill grip and is practically unstoppable thanks to its proficiency across a variety of off-road terrain. It has low rolling resistance thanks to its level profile and the large, well-supported side lugs were designed for aggressive cornering. Available in a range of sizes with EPS puncture protection. The CST Rock Hawk is an excellent choice for fearless riders in technical terrains.

GoodyearEagle F1 Tubeless

Distributor: Paligap

The Ultra High-Performance all-round road race tyre that brings tour performance without the price tag. Available currently in Black in both tube and tubeless options. Tan wall is hitting the shelves late 2020. Lightweight and durable bringing performance to every rider. The dual angle bead makes tubeless easy at home, on the side of the road or in the workshop. Contact your local bike shop to get you hands on a pair.

WTB SG2 Puncture Protection

Distributor: Hotlines 

All WTB 37mm+ gravel tires are now available with a 120tpi casing and all-new SG2 puncture protection. SG2 is a lightweight, ultra-thin nylon insert that provides bead-to-bead coverage ensuring all surfaces of the tire are provided with an additional level of defence against punctures. The SG2 puncture protection layer provides 33% more sidewall protection and 17% more tread protection than 60tpi models. Tightly woven fibres improve air retention, which prevents seeping at the sidewall and helps maintain pressure between rides.

DT SwissGR1600 Spline

Distributor: Madison

With a 24mm internal width and coming in 650b or 700c options, the DT Swiss GR1600 gravel wheels are perfect for anyone looking to venture off the beaten path. Running DT’s tried and tested 350 hub internals inside a Spline hub design, they have all the reliability you need for off-road adventures. Spokes are a combination of Aero Comp and new Aero design and, of course, the wheels come tubeless ready straight out of the box.

Muc-OffTube Sealant

Distributor: Muc-Off

Muc-Off’s No Puncture Hassle Inner Tube Sealant is easy to install. The water-soluble, non-hazardous sealant contains molecules that will seal holes in 4mm tubes that have Schrader and Presta valves with removable valve cores and, will work on multiple punctures, continuing to work for the life of the inner tube without drying out.  Ensure that your ride is uninterrupted.

Weldtite Inner Tube Sealant

Distributor: Multi-distributed

The rider’s choice designed to prevent time off the bike by sealing punctures as they happen. The environmentally friendly water-based sealant plugs holes immediately and permanently with minimal loss of pressure. Designed to last the life of an inner tube, Weldtite Inner Tube Sealant is perfect for commuting, e-bikes and e-scooters.

Ere Research – Tenaci GR20

Distributor: Oneway Distribution BV

Introducing the new Ere Tenaci gravel wheelset – built to withstand the rough and rumble of riding different kinds of terrains. The trusted Ere straight-pull alloy hubs make this wheelset easy to install, service and replace, while the alloy GR20 TLR rims are incredibly strong, stiff and lightweight. Weighing just 1595 gram with a price of 399 euro, this wheelset is setting the bar for a reasonably priced performance gravel wheelset. Add the Tenaci gravel tyres for the perfect combination.

Ere Research – Tenaci TLR

Distributor: Oneway Distribution BV

The first Ere Tenaci gravel tyres have been introduced in 2018. Meanwhile, the gravel scene has evolved, just like the Tenaci tyres. The larger tyre volume creates the perfect experience of gravel riding on different terrains. The success of the Tenaci tyres lies in the tread pattern with the perfect balance between grip and speed. Smooth enough to roll fast and grippy enough to keep traction. Use the Ere Tenaci tyres on a Tenaci wheelset for the best experience.

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