BikeBiz’s guide to the latest in workshop, tools and cleaning

This month we take a look at the latest in workshop, tools and cleaning from some of the leading brands in the sector, including Elvedes, Cyclo, Proper Cleaner by Guy Martin, WD40, Pro Gold, Birzman, Morgan Blue, Cyclon, Park Tool, Lifeline, XLC, Topeak, KMC, Fenwicks, Weldtite, Oxford, Jagwire, Pro Green and Muc-Off

Elvedes – Professional Hydraulic Hose Cutter

Distributor: The Cycle Division

New for 2020. If you are looking for a professional workshop Hydraulic Hose cutter for life then look no further. This cutter is produced with the professional in mind and has a replacement cutting blade available. The hose cutter professional is suitable for all bicycle brake hoses and gives a clean square cut enabling the hose needle to fit evenly with no fluid leaks once the hose is fitted into the calliper or brake lever.

Cyclo – Shadow Board

Distributor: Multi-distributed

The professional solution for keeping workshop tools tidy and organised. Whether you are switching pedals, changing cassettes, servicing hubs or fittings bottom brackets Cyclo Tools has you covered. Cyclo quality assurance and manufacturing excellence also inspires confidence with a lifetime guarantee on the entire range.

Proper Cleaner by Guy Martin – General Cleaner Starter Pack

Distributor: Raleigh Bike Parts

Proper Cleaner by Guy Martin is a collection of products with a sustainable story to tell… 70% of the world is water – why ship it?! Using refill sachets rather than premixed liquid cleaners reduces the amount of carbon dioxide pumped into the environment transporting our product to your door. Plus, our refill packs feature fully bio-degradable packaging. The Proper Cleaner General Cleaner Starter Pack contains, a reusable bottle and a pouch containing two tablets which can each make up 750ml of bike cleaner just by adding water! The General Cleaner is suitable for use on carbon, anodized surfaces and disc brakes. Degreaser Starter Pack also available.

WD40 – Bike Degreaser

Distributor: ZyroFisher

Degreasing your bike chain can be a time-consuming process, time you’d rather spend out riding. WD40 specialist BIKE Degreaser formula is perfect for quickly and easily removing grease, grime, dirt, oil and other residues from chains, derailleurs, cassette sprockets with minimal effort, so you can get out of the garage and enjoying your ride.

Pro Gold – Blast-Off Degreaser

Distributor: Extra UK

Pro Gold Degreaser quickly strips away sticky grime and caked-on debris without scrubbing, restores cassettes, derailleurs and chains to like-new condition. It dries quickly with no water rinsing and leaves behind no oily residue.

Birzman – Studio Tool Box

Distributor: Silverfish UK

Birzman tools are famous for their painstaking attention to details in the design, the performance and the look and feel. Their multi-award winning Studio Tool Box is a collection of 37 carefully selected pieces from Birzman’s portfolio of high-performance tools, all in a heavy-duty PE case with blow-moulded pallets offering protection and organisation. The perfect addition to any busy workshop or mobile mechanic’s armoury.

Morgan Blue – Chain Cleaner

Distributor: Windwave

An active cleaner-degreaser for the chain and gears. This degreaser is used by several professional teams. The product complies with the highest environmental standards.

Apply the degreaser on the chain, the front and rear gears. Let work for 5 minutes. Rinse with (warm) water. Rub with a dry cloth. Re-lubricate the chain and moving parts. Warning: Do not project on the bearings. Do not use degreaser on frame, fork and extreme sun.

Properties and advantages:
Regular application prevents the deterioration of the chain and the gear system. This ensures higher performance, smoother shifts and longer drivetrain life. The chain does not creak, even after intensive use. (Always re-lubricate the chain after cleaning). The active components induce quick and profound cleaning. Rubber and plastic safe.

Cyclon – Instant polish wax

Distributor: The Cycle Division

Cyclon Instant Polish Wax makes the parts and frame dirt and road grime resistant and once applied, acts as a water repellent giving protection to varnished parts, chrome, carbon, aluminium, titanium and other synthetic parts used on today’s bicycles. Available in 100ml, 250ml and 500ml aerosol, 750ml trigger spray and a 5ltr workshop drum.

Cyclon – Brake cleaner

Distributor: The Cycle Division

Cyclon disc brake cleaner is a fast-drying cleaner for disc brake rotors removing all grease and road grime. It can also be used on derailleurs and it is made from an alcohol base and doesn’t leave any residue behind which can affect braking ability, therefore it improves braking performance and also eliminates brake squeal. Available in two sizes: 250ml and 500ml aerosol.

Park Tool – THH-1

Distributor: Madison

Designed and built specifically for work on bicycles, the THH-1 Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench set is built for speed, efficiency, leverage and a perfect fit. The unique anodized aluminium speed spinner makes running long bolts effortless and the machined, chamfered tips allow easier insertion into hex fittings. Plus the integrated Strip-Gripper twisted hex makes removal of most bolts with stripped or oversized hexes easy.

Lifeline Pro 18 in 1 Multi-Tool

Distributor: Hotlines

Packing an impressive 18 tools into one compact unit, this tool will equip you to tackle any trailside repairs or home-workshop maintenance. In addition to 2/4/5/6/8MM Allen keys, Phillips & Flathead screwdrivers, Torx T25 and T30 keys, and 4 Spoke Wrenches, the Pro 18-in-1 features a neatly integrated CO2 Inflator. A fold-out lever on the side operates a hard-wearing chain splitting tool and doubles as a 10mm open spanner & Mavic compatible spoke wrench.

Elvedes – Centre-Lock Multi-Tool

Distributor: The Cycle Division

How handy would it be if you only needed one tool to do the work on disc brakes? The Multi centre-lock adapter tool was designed with this in mind. By making optimum use of the size, you need to make a working centre-lock ring wrench, you get the following extra functions, taper blade end for pressing the pistons back into the calliper, disc alignment tool, 22 mm hex for HG adapters, 7,8 and 10 mm hex for bleed nipples and olive compression nuts, plus a bottle opener.

XLC – Internal Cable Routing Tool

Distributor: Raleigh Bike Parts

Looking for a no-nonsense Internal Cable Routing Tool? XLC has got you covered! This tool simply facilitates internal cable routing and is fully compatible with Di2, hydraulic cables, brake and shift cables. The tool includes a 1.3m cable with magnet adapter as well as different anchor sockets for various cable diameters. With an incredible range of over 2,000 tools, parts and cycling accessories XLC has the perfect product selection for all of your cycling needs.

Topeak – Prepstation Pro

Distributor: Extra UK

Bring the workshop to the bike with the Topeak Prepstation Pro. Easy moving trolley tool station with six tool compartments containing 55 professional shop quality bike tools. Wheelbase can be easily pulled out to extend working base for better stability. The aluminium handlebar can be folded and locked in position for easy hand carrying to car or van. Unlock and extend handle to wheel tool station around. Perfect for bike shops, race events, or home bike maintenance.

KMC – Missing Link Tyre Levers

Distributor: Chicken CycleKit

Strong Tyre Levers with a perfect shape. Doubles up as Chain Link remover tool. The tools have been designed to be stackable to save space when out riding. Made of high-quality Swiss composite polymers. Ergonomic design to make using them as comfortable and easy as possible. Can combine with the KMC mini-chain tool.

Cyclon – Bike Cleaner

Distributor: The Cycle Division

Cyclon Bike cleaner is designed for cleaning mud oil and all everyday dirt and grime from the bicycle frame, available in 750ml trigger spray and a 5ltr workshop drum. The bike cleaner is Phosphate-free, dries streak-free making it suitable for matt, gloss, varnished and unvarnished parts as well as synthetic material parts. Cyclon Bike Cleaner is also biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Fenwicks – Fenwick’s Foaming Chain Cleaner 500ml

Distributor: ZyroFisher

With Fenwick’s Foaming Chain Cleaner, cleaning your chain has never been so easy! With its simple mess-free application, there is very little waste as only 5 to 10ml of product is needed per clean. Foaming Chain Cleaner does not use solvents or acids (citrus) to be effective, resulting in a product that is safe to use on anodising, carbon, plastics, rubber and painted surfaces.

Elvedes – Professional Cable Cutter

Distributor: The Cycle Division

If you are looking for a cable cutter for life, then the cable cutter professional is your best choice. The design has been unchanged for years, purely because there is nothing to improve on this cable cutter. The professional cable cutter is suitable for all bicycle outer and inner cables up to 2mm. Cutting these cable diameters is very easy and gives a straight cut. When the cable is cut it does not deform during cutting. As a result, inner cables do not fray after cutting, and outer cables are not squeezed shut during cutting.

Weldtite – Bike Cleaner

Distributor: Multi Distributed

Reformulated for 2020, Weldtite Bike Cleaner is the choice of pro mechanics, sportive riders, commuters and mountain bikers all over the world. The powerful biodegradable formula is sprayed onto the bike via an ergonomic power trigger that is easy to use and features a range of settings including ‘Fine Mist’ and ‘Power Spray’. Available in 25LTR and as a concentrate for busy workshops.

Oxford – Mint Bike Wash

Distributor: Oxford Products

The Mint cleaning range has everything a mechanic needs to get even the most beaten up demo bike back to mint condition. The Mint range is unique in that everything in the range is designed to leave a mint fragrance whilst being delivered at high power, meaning less has to be used. The Mint range consists of a bike wash, a general protectant, a chain cleaner, a degreaser, a brake cleaner and a silicone detailer.

Jagwire – Elite Bleed Kit

Distributor: Moore Large

Elite Bleed Kits feature premium syringes and components designed for the professional mechanic.
– Premium syringes offer enhanced clarity, improved durability, and ergonomic handles
– Innovative quarter-turn valves make it easy to quickly open and close the bleed system
– Straight and 90-degree clips keep the syringe upright to lend an extra hand to the technician
– Includes bleed blocks for most popular 2-piston and 4-piston brake callipers
– Available separately for DOT fluid and mineral oil systems, each kit contains adapters for nearly all disc brake systems on the market
– Deluxe case keeps small parts organised and protected

Pro Green – Bike Cleaners

Distributor: Walkers Cycle Components

Bike Wash is salt-free, high performance and biodegradable. This easy to use formula will do the work for you and leave a streak-free finish! Drivetrain Cleaner provides powerful penetrating action to remove oil and grease with minimum effort. After Shine with its silicone formula will leave your bike gleaming and all its parts with a protective layer and a high gloss finish. All products are safe to use on e-bikes. Available in 1litre bottles with triggers and 5 & 25-litre workshop containers.

Muc-Off – Nano Cleaner

Distributor: Muc-Off

The OG Bike Wash! Using state-of-the-art Nano Tech formula, Muc-Off cuts through grime quicker than you can say “OMG!” regardless of the weather or riding conditions. It’s the most effective cleaner out there, and it doesn’t even need any of those nasty, dangerous acids or chemicals. In fact, this perfectly pink cleaner is readily biodegradable, free from acids, CFC’s and solvents, and it’s alkaline based so you can clean away with a guilt-free conscience. It’s safe on all surfaces, and it’s even disc brake rotor and pad friendly.

Elvedes – Internal cable guide

Distributor: The Cycle Division

Cables and hoses that run on the outside of the frame are no longer of this time. The internal cable guide tool from Elvedes is. This small toolset is indispensable in the workshop when you have to lead a cable or hose through a frame where there is no pure channel for internal cables. With the help of a smart magnet, a transit cable, and the right couplings, you can easily guide an outer cable, inner cable, hydraulic hose, or electrical cable from the entry point to the exit point of the frame.

Cyclon – Bionet Chain Cleaner

Distributor: The Cycle Division

Cyclon Bionet Chain cleaner is the perfect chain, cassette and crankset degreaser for workshop and home use and is available in various sizes, including the popular 750ml trigger spray together with 1 and 5-litre bottles, and for workshop parts cleaners a 20 ltr drum is available. Bionet is a fast-acting non-toxic biodegradable degreaser.

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