BikeBiz’s guide to the latest cyclocross and accessories

This month, we take a look at the latest cyclocross and accessories from some of the leading brands in the sector, including Challenge Tires, Continental, Selle Italia, Easton, Michelin, Pirelli, absoluteBLACK, MET, Proper Cleaner, Topeak, Lake, Hornit, Schwalbe, Campagnolo, Rotor, Oxford, Rondo, Vittoria and Look

Challenge Tires Limus Pro Handmade Clincher

Distributor: Upgrade Bikes

Challenge’s Limus Pro handmade tyre offers the highest level of clincher performance and grip due to their 300tpi construction that keeps them supple and allows lower pressures to be most effective for maximum grip. Second only to the tubular versions, when combined with a Challenge Seamless Latex Inner Tube, the handmade clincher range is the best you can race on. Tubeless and Vulcanised versions of all the Challenge CX tyres are also available.

ContinentalRace King CX

Distributor: Raleigh Bike Parts

The race day choice for many CX riders, with a 35mm carcass & promises the convenience of riding tubulars without having to deal with the cumbersome fitting process. Even at low air pressure, a perfect balance is struck between grip, comfort and a low rolling resistance. This is all thanks to a supple, lightweight 180tpi casing with Continental’s ‘PureGrip’ compound. A Nylon based fabric layer beneath the tread provides added protection from thorns, too.

Selle Italia SI Flite Boost X-Cross TI SF

Distributor: Raleigh Bike Parts

Exactly what the CX world has been waiting for. The Flite Boost X-Cross TI 316 Superflow brings the unmistakable style of the Flite Boost to the off-road world. Designed for those who live for the adrenaline and adventure of riding off-road, this is the latest in Selle Italia’s MTB saddle range. Shock-Absorbers are found between the rails and body of the saddle, helping to cushion vibrations caused by uneven terrains. Special SuperFabric inserts on the sides help protect the saddle from scratches and cuts as riders wind their way through the undergrowth.

EastonEA90 Cranks

Distributor: Silverfish UK  

The impressive versatility of Easton’s Cinch system comes to the EA90 performance aluminum crankset. The EA90 ticks all the boxes for today’s gravel, CX and road rider. Limitless ring combinations in 1x and 2x, a 30mm alloy spindle, Cinch power meter compatibility and BB options across all relevant frame standards. EA90 is a welcome addition to the Easton Cinch family, the most versatile cranksets you will ever own.

Michelin Power Cyclocross

Distributor: Silverfish UK  

Michelin is known for producing the best performing rubber with their iconic green rubber wrapping the wheels of top riders in nearly every discipline. Their new Power CX tyres are available with two tread patterns: Mud for wetter conditions with well-spaced knobs to clear mud and keep you rolling through the stickiest situations with speed and power, and Jet built to bear the brunt of loose and harsh surfaces with impressively low rolling resistance. 

Pirelli Cinturato Cross Mixed Terrain

Distributor: Extra UK

The Cinturato Cross Mixed Terrain is a cross-specific tyre designed for mixed terrain, where the surface varies between compact and unstable terrain and all intermediate types. The tread consists of knobs with average height and spacing to guarantee excellent performance on a wide range of terrains. Tubeless ready and constructed with a Nylon bead-to-bead protective layer this tyre is ready to race!

absoluteBLACK Premium CX Oval Chainrings

Distributor: Extra UK

absoluteBLACK Premium CX Oval Chainrings are available to fit most common cranks on the market. Available in either Black or Grey and 3 size options they are the perfect choice for Cyclocross and Gravel 1X setup with road cranks. The unique narrow-wide teeth profile ensures your chain is kept in place and decrease wear and noise no matter what the conditions.


Distributor: Raleigh Bike Parts

The product of 30 years of dedicated research and development, MET marked their 30th anniversary with this helmet. Perhaps most famously worn on the road, the helmet’s characteristics also make it an ideal choice for CX riding. Aerodynamics, comfort and breathability are three of the lid’s crowning features. Weight reduction features are carefully implemented to ensure protection isn’t compromised, whilst no fewer than 19 vents ensure a consistent flow of air over the rider’s head.

Proper CleanerGeneral Cleaner

Distributor: Raleigh Bike Parts

The first bike cleaner brought to the market which uses water-soluble capsule technology. The result? An effective cleaner that cuts down on single-use plastic and is easier to ship and store than ready-made, bottled cleaners. Drop in a capsule, fill the bottle with your own water, spray on, quick brush & rinse off. Perfect for muddy race days or training sessions come the start of the CX season.

TopeakPrepstand ZX

Distributor: Extra UK

The Topeak Prepstand ZX is simple and easy to use thanks to the bike being secured by the saddle or top tube via the rubber non-marking jaws. This makes it the perfect option for pre-race bike tuning or cyclocross pit cleaning duties. Constructed from tough aluminium and easy to fold and store thanks to the quick-release mechanism.


Distributor: Moore Large

The MX238XC furthers Lake’s commitment to creating innovative and functional products for those diehard cyclocross, cross Ccuntry or gravel racers. Using a Helcor Abrasion resistant leather and mesh with a hook lycra heel lining. The Helcor Abrasion resistant leather is specifically designed to be extremely durable against rubbing, scrapes and scuffing. 

Continental Cross King CX 32 & 35-622

Distributor: Various

Fast all-rounder for cross racers, based on the award-winning Cross-King MTB tyre pattern. Developed to work well in muddy conditions, yet roll like a semi-slick in a straight line. The tall shoulder lugs do provide great bite in the loose and wet corners, with BlackChili & PureGrip compounds boost grip in all situations whether they be hard & dry, cold & wet, roots, off-cambers, grass or stone.

HornitHornit Clug Hybrid

Distributor: Raleigh 

The Eurobike award-winning Hornit Clug is the world’s smallest bike rack. Practicality meets innovation, as it uses the floor to store bikes either vertically or horizontally. Clug hybrid mounts in minutes using the screws and wall plugs provided. Then simply roll the bike up and ‘Clug’ in. It comes in five sizes, with the Clug hybrid fitting Cyclocross tyres 33mm – 43mm (1.3-1.7in).

Schwalbe X-One Bite

Distributor: Chicken Cyclekit

The Cross specialist for mud and gunge. The aggressive tread “bites” firmly into soft terrain on a cyclo-cross track and on any wintertime, muddy forest road. For this reason, the X-One Bite is available exclusively in a Tubeless Easy – Super Ground casing, combining lightweight construction and stability for best performance in difficult conditions.

Campagnolo – EKAR Groupset

Distributor: Chicken CycleKit

With a wide range, close-ratio and no compromise, Ekar is designed from the ground up to give you the very best performance, riding experience and reliability for cross, gravel, all-road and endurance riding on the toughest terrain where you want to face and challenge yourself. This 1×13 group offers maximum efficiency, no wasted gearing overlaps, an overall lightweight system (under 2.4kg) and superior chain retention security.


Distributor: Velotech Services

Rotor Cyclocross is based on the Road platform using Vegast or Aldhu Crank arms but swapping out the double rings for a 1x Directly mounted chainring in Round or Oval. Ring sizes from 28T to 54T, 24mm or 30mm axle and Cranks starting at 150mm. Can be upgraded to power using Rotor’s Inspider.

Oxford Mint Range

Distributor: Oxford

A bicycle in Mint condition is more efficient and fun to ride or race. With the Oxford specialist cleaning range, you have a range that will have every speck of dirt off the bike in the pull of a trigger and leaving a great fresh minty smell. The Mint range covers all cleaning, detailing and lubricant needs.

OxfordBrush and Scrub Set

Distributor: Oxford

The Oxford Brush and Scrub set features Double Stubble, Wheely Clean, Big Softy and Prong Brush. All brushes have durable nylon bristles and tough, impact-resistant handles.


Distributor: Hotlines

The new RUUT X is ready for full-on CX racing but also works perfectly as a fast, superlight gravel bike.  It features Rondo’s unique TWINTIP 2 fork, carbon aero handlebars, a Shimano GRX drivetrain, and fast rolling Schwalbe tyres on HUNT aero wheels. Tyre clearance is great enough to fit up to 45c for ultimate off-road control and comfort.

Vittoria Terreno Wet

Distributor: Madison

If you’re banking on a wet ‘cross season – and it is the UK after all – then Vittoria’s Terreno Wet has your back. Available in a cross-ready 33c (and tubeless ready, naturally) it’s a tyre designed to perform at its best when the weather leaves something to be desired. It rolls like a race tyre, corners on rails, and is virtually clog proof, it wont let you down on race day.

Look – X-Track Race Carbon

Distributor: ZyroFisher

Constructed around a heavy-duty mechanism and is resistant to the negative effects of coming into contact with various external factors (rocks, roots, mud…), and provides consistent and reliable performance over time. Its spindle, equipped with a double weather-resistant seal, has been improved to withstand even the worst conditions you may encounter during your rides.



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