BikeBiz’s guide to the latest cycle lights

This month, we take a look at the latest cycle lights from some of the leading brands in the sector, including Ravemen, Knog, Lezyne, Pulse, Oxford, Moon, Kryptonite, LifeLine, CatEye, Exposure Lights, SP Dynamo, Blackburn, Cube, BBB, Hiplok, Topeak and Supernova


Distributor: Bob Elliot

– Specifically designed curved lens with even-distributed flood beam and side visibility, great for road cycling and commuting
– Extending battery runtime by connecting with external power source
– Multiple brightness levels and daytime visible rapid flashing for night and daytime riding
– Wired remote button(sold separately) to change brightness levels safely without releasing the grip
– Built-in battery indicator and charging indicator
– Thermal protection circuit and durable anodized aluminium body with better heat dissipation performance
– Quick release for easily slide in/out; compatible with aero handlebar and round handlebar with 22.2mm to 35mm diameter

Knog Blinder

Distributor: Silverfish UK

Describing the Knog Blinder lights as bright is a serious understatement. Using new COB technology, the Blinder produces a punchy 200 Lumens on the front and 100 Lumens on the rear to ensure you’re seen and safe in all light conditions. With a stylish, sleek design it fits any bike and is available in four patterns all with 8 modes. An integrated USB handles recharging and a 100% waterproof construction keeps it going for up to 60 hours of run time (eco flash). SRP £39.99.

Lezyne – Micro Drive 600XL Front LED

Distributor: Upgrade Bikes

An impressively bright dual-LED rechargeable cycling front light with a rugged machined aluminium body. The integrated cooling fins optimize performance and side cut-outs provide increased side visibility and safety when cycling in traffic. Up to 600 lumens of output and nine output modes are made easy with the memory mode so the light always comes on with the last mode you used. Featuring a Daytime Flash mode with “Disruptive Flash Pattern” to really get you noticed even on bright sunny days. Offering up to 44 hours runtime with easy charging via its integrated cable-free USB stick, Micro 600XL is available in Black or Silver anodised finish and strap mounts securely to all popular handlebar sizes and shapes.

Lezyne – Strip Drive Pro Alert Rear LED

Distributor: Upgrade Bikes

Lezyne’s most advanced LED rear bicycle light makes a major stem to increasing rider safety on the road at an affordable price. It is part of a range of rear LEDs that feature custom programmed “Alert” technology with an innovative automatic braking sensor built-in. The cyclist’s visibility is massively increased to other road users behind them, when drawing when decelerating to a junction or crossing. Output turns to a solid light like a brake light and then provide a distinct flash pattern once you have stopped, alerting alert vehicles behind. The light will then change back to its previous output mode once the rider resumes his or her ride. Increased side visibility is afforded by Lezyne’s 270°  “Wide Angle Optics”.  Its co-moulded construction is super compact, highly water-resistant and boasts five LEDs for up to 300 lumens of output with a choice of 5 output modes. Strip Drive’s versatile mounting system attaches to round or Aero seat posts and it’s micro-USB rechargeable.

Pulse Pulse Torch

Distributor: Tandem Group Cycles

Built with a robust alloy body, the Pulse Torch headlight packs a 450-lumen punch and is ideal for use on and off the bike. Easily attach it to your handlebars using the tool-free strap, then when you’re not on two wheels, you can remove the unit and use it like any handheld torch. Its compact size allows you to carry it in a pocket, but with an output to rival lights twice the price!

OxfordUltratorch CL series

Distributor: Oxford

The new Ultratorch CL series headlight range of four headlights launches this Autumn.  With output from 200 to 1600Lm, LCD runtime info and power-bank facility (500, 1000 & 1600Lm) and utilising an in-house designed CLIQR-mini handlebar bracket the new range has everything from the daily commute to off-road adventure covered. The range retails from £24.99 to £69.99.

Ravemen CL05

Distributor: Bob Elliot

– Highly efficient COB LED with max 30 LED lumens
– Built-in light sensor to activate max output for warning when detecting headlights from rear approaching vehicles
– Auto power save and indicator for low battery
– Quick-release design for various ways of mounting
– USB-C charging port for convenient use
– Built-in mode memory function
– IPX6 water-resistant

Knog Plugger  

Distributor: Silverfish UK

The Plugger is a light inspired by Knog’s roots, and like its little sibling the Plug, comes in over-moulded soft touch TPU (rubber-like material) in three fun colours. The Plugger produces a powerful 350 lumens and is packed with innovative touches like a low battery indicator, cut-outs in the front light body for improved side visibility and like all Knog bike lights, it is fully USB rechargeable. 

Pulse Pulse Mini Blaze

Distributor: Tandem Group Cycles

Measuring just 70mm front to back, the Mini Blaze lives up to its name size-wise, but it’s no wiener when it comes to output! The rechargeable lithium battery helps the super bright LED push out 150 Lumens. IPX4 waterproofing means it’s great for even the worst of our lovely British weather and the easy to use rubber strap allows you to mount it on your handlebars with ease!

OxfordUltratorch R75 Rear Light

Distributor: Oxford

A 75-lumen rear light with four modes and runtimes ranging from 2 – 6 hours. It comes with 24 COB LED and is ideal for either city or countryside commutes. No need to worry about the weather as the R75 is waterproof to IP65. A rubber strap attaches the light to your bike. USB rechargeable, micro-USB cable provided.

Oxford Ultratorch Cube set

Distributor: Oxford

The set contains a 75-lumen front light and a 25-lumen rear light, both with 36 chip-on-board LED. With each light having 5 modes and a run-time varying from 3.5 hrs – to 8.5 hrs. The lights have a fantastic 270° visibility. IPX4 waterproof rating making them great for more city commutes. USB rechargeable, micro-USB cable provided.

Moon Cerberus

Distributor: Raleigh Bike Parts

The Cerberus is Moon’s pioneering, ‘IF Design Award’-winning rear bicycle light. It is the first in the industry to address one of the main issues facing cyclists whilst riding amongst traffic – side visibility. Three COB (chip on-board) LEDs provide 270-degree visibility from the rear and becomes even more eye-catching as you advance through traffic. IPX7 waterproofing means getting caught out in rain is not an issue and at just 35g, this light packs a serious punch for its size!

Kryptonite Incite X6

Distributor: Madison

The Incite X6 smart light is 60 LUX, fully USB rechargeable, has 7 modes and features an Auto Light Sensor that measures ambient brightness adjusting the light output automatically. It’s Double Lens technology provides high quality, precise light distribution that gives riders light where they need it most with the display showing the remaining battery run time.

LifeLine – Pavo 2000L

Distributor: Hotlines

The Pavo 2000L Front Light has a powerful output of 2,000 lumens, a precision optical lens, 4 constant beams and a flashing mode.  The Li-ion battery has automatic temperature control and a low battery indicator.   It attaches to handlebars with a compact and robust alloy mount with a secure and convenient twist lock interface that’s perfect for fitting and removing the light with gloves on.  Run time ranges from 1hr 50mins on full beam to 16+ hours on flashing.

CatEyeAMPP 800

Distributor: ZyroFisher

The AMPP 800 is one of CatEye’s most popular lights for a reason! A compact light with enough luminosity to illuminate the country lanes, this is a go-to light for road riders and commuters alike. Building on the performance of the best-selling Volt 800, the AMPP 800 has increased side visibility, making you more visible to other road users.

Exposure Lights Strada Road Sport AKTiv

Distributor: USE

The Strada, with its already market-leading road specific beam pattern that enables the spot and spread beam to be “dipped” at different lumen output levels have now engaged with the latest technology from the automotive industry, AKTiv will automatically dip your Strada’s beam when it detects an oncoming vehicle’s headlights. This is to avoid dazzling the driver whilst making sure they can still safely see where you are on the road. Allowing you to keep focus on your effort on the road. This new tech is available from August. 

SP DynamoFront hubs

Distributor: Ison Distribution

It used to be that the majority of bicycle Dynamos were a relatively low-end solution to providing some basic lighting to a bicycle.  Tyre driven options were commonly noisy with high levels of drag, and hub versions were generally bulky and heavy. SP have changed the dynamo game with their high-quality hub dynamos.  Compact, lightweight, reliable with sealed bearings.  With over 50 different Skus available, Ison Distribution has options to replace just about any front hub on a modern high-quality bicycle.   SP Dynamo hubs also offer a great solution for adventure cyclists seeking an ‘on board’ power supply for phones and devices. 

Blackburn Dayblazer 1,100

Distributor: ZyroFisher

Weighing in at just 140 grams, this light hits way above its weight class. Gone are the days of a 10-watt halogen bulb and a bulky water bottle-shaped, lead-acid battery pack. Now we’ve got it all wound up in a tiny bar mounted front light! Want to hit the local trail for a midnight shred, or commute home on a November evening? The sleek and tiny DayBlazer 1100 has you covered.

Cube – Acid Light Set Pro 30

Distributor: Oneway Bike Industry BV

The Acid Light Set Pro 30 is the smart dream team for cycling safety: the cycling lights are the perfect tools for the job and simple to recharge via Micro-USB cable. With 30 lux to light up the road ahead and a silicone strap for quick and easy fixing to your handlebars, the PRO 30 is perfect for use in traffic. The ACID Rear Light PRO ensures maximum visibility from behind for added safety.

BBB NanoStrike 400 

Distributor: Windwave

Headlight with unmatched power to size ratio. Day Flash mode (400lm) for daytime visibility. City mode (15lm) for a very long runtime to bring you home. With strap bracket to mount it almost anywhere on the bike. Aluminium head with AirFlow cooling system (ACS) for optimal performance. Memory mode: The light goes on in the last used mode. Modes: Boost, City, Day Flash, High, Standard. Light source: LED. Burn time: 48:00. Charge time: 3:30. USB rechargeable: Yes. Dimensions: 32 × 39 × 67mm. Weight: 65g.


Distributor: ZyroFisher

The Hiplok FLX is a light and lock in one lightweight compact package. Featuring a 10 lumen rear light with flash mode and a 1m retractable steel cable combination lock, the FLX is ideal for those rides when you can only take the essentials. It’s integrated clip systems means it fits easily on bag straps or in jersey pockets and you can also reset the lock to your own unique code.

Moon Nebula

Distributor: Raleigh Bike Parts

The Nebula rear light is one of Moon’s best-sellers. It’s 180 lumens and variety of modes make it ideal for commuters and leisure cyclists alike, particularly with it’s bright ‘day flash’ feature. Included in the box is a universal mounting system which is compatible with most bike frames. The light is also USB re-chargeable & with a battery life of up to 20 hours, there’s no excuse to be caught out without a rear light!

TopeakTaillux 25 USB

Distributor: Extra UK

The TailLux 25 USB design features convenient cable-free charging with a direct USB port plug. Two super bright LEDs provide 25 lumens and three light modes, so you can be seen up to 2km away – even on the darkest nights. Bi-directional tool-free mounting and removal is accomplished by a single silicone strap making it simple to use on seatposts, seatstays or Topeak bags.

SupernovaM99 Mini Pro B54

Distributor: Magura Bosch Parts & Services

The new flagship in the Supernova battery segment: The M99 Mini Pro B54 with 54 Wh battery is the world’s brightest StVZO-approved battery front light with low beam and high beam. The battery is charged in just 2.5 h and provides up to 50 h of maximum lighting time. The Supernova App for Apple iOS and Android (including the Smartwatch version) makes it easy to control the light and display the state of charge down to the minute at any time. The app communicates with the battery and rewards the user with an extension of the warranty period to up to 5 years if the Supernova Longlife technology is used.

SP DynamoDS-4 headlight

Distributor: Ison Distribution

The SP DS-4 is an ideal combination of form and function. Alloy body with integrated lens hood to prevent the rider from receiving excess glare. High tech optical lens delivers a straight cut-off beam pattern – preventing unwanted dazzling of oncoming traffic and allows this light to meet German StVZO regulations.


Distributor: Raleigh Bike Parts

One of the most powerful lights on the market, the Canopus is Moon’s flagship offering for Mountain Biking in low light or dark conditions, yet still features a ‘Day Flash’ mode should you need that extra bit of visibility during daylight hours. Capable of pushing out a phenomenal 4000 lumens, the Canopus is equipped with an external battery pack, allowing it to boast an exceptional battery life for the output offered.

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