BikeBiz’s guide to the latest chains, gears and cranks

This month, we take a look at the latest chains, gears and cranks from some of the leading brands in the sector, including SRAM, XLC, absoluteBLACK, Cane Creek, Gusset Components, Box, SunRace, Campagnolo, Taya, MicroSHIFT, Izumi and Praxis

SRAM XX1 Eagle DUB Crankset

Distributor: Raleigh Bike Parts

SRAM explains that to create the best drivetrain possible, they went back to basics by re-examining and re-engineering their crankset design. The XX1 Eagle carbon tuned crankset is SRAM’s lightest, stiffest and strongest to date, largely thanks to new DUB technology. Not only that, but new chainring technology has been designed specifically for Eagle chains and drivetrains. The X-SYNC 2 chainring found on this crankset provides significantly quieter performance, with better mud clearing capabilities and extraordinary durability.

XLCOuter Gear Cable 50m

Distributor: Raleigh Bike Parts

Need gear cabling for your workshop? Consider giving XLC a try. Offering comparative quality to other top brands, but at an extremely competitive price point, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a go! Stock levels are currently unrivalled on many XLC workshop products; meaning you can rely on XLC to keep the wheels of your workshop turning. This outer gear cable comes in a 50m reel and is available in either black or white. Double-walled, the casing provides excellent protection for your customer’s bikes, with a low frictional resistance to the cable inside, allowing for improved durability.


Distributor: Extra UK

HOLLOWcage is a revolutionary mono-plate oversized pully wheel (OSPW) design is the quietest, best shifting, aerodynamic derailleur cage design created to date. The cage is compatible with Shimano 9100 and 8000 series derailleurs and offers a measurable wattage saving and a 12dB reduction in noise over a stock setup. HOLLOWcage OSPW has a carbon-polymer construction with bespoke, oversized, full ceramic bearings for the ultimate rear derailleur performance.

Cane Creek Hellbender 70 Bottom Bracket

Distributor: Extra UK

The Hellbender 70 bottom bracket is a premium bottom bracket designed for riders who value reliability and longevity without requiring ceramic bearings found in the 110 series. The bottom bracket features 440c stainless steel bearings providing exceptional ride quality and reliability. The Hellbender BB is available in a range of fitments including BB30, PF30, T47, P41 and now BSA for 24mm cranks.

Gusset Components GS Chain

Distributor: Ison Distribution

After the huge successes of the Slink single speed chains, Gusset have decided to add a range of good value, functional and reliable chains to the range. Riders and dealers know and trust Gusset for providing great quality products at good prices. The 10 and 11 speed versions are also available in an oil slick finish.

Box Two Groupset

Distributor: Moore Large

The Box Two Groupset features the Prime 9 technology which is a counter-intuitive philosophy based on the less is more theory. It embraces range without adding complexity. The outcome is fewer parts, reduced weight and increased durability. The wide range groupset although 9 speed is compatible with modern technology and most 10/11 and 12 speed wide/narrow chainrings. With the 11-50T range it has everything you’re looking for.


Distributor: Various

More and more bike riders are using our cassettes with full satisfaction. It doesn’t matter on which terrain, from road to gravel and MTB, the SunRace cassettes are performing great. It’s not only the quality which is making the difference, another great advantage is that the cassettes have an excellent price/quality ratio. If you want to enjoy riding a quality product, with the knowledge that you have an excellent product for a fair price, SunRace would have the best solution.

Campagnolo Ekar Groupset

Distributor: Chicken CycleKit

Born on Mt Ekar, the 13-speed Campagnolo Ekar is the world’s lightest gravel groupset: reliable, durable & fast. With a wide range, close ratio and no compromise, Ekar is designed from the ground up to give you the very best performance, riding experience and reliability for gravel, all-road and endurance riding on the toughest terrain where you want to face and challenge yourself.

Taya e-Tolve-121

Distributor: Oxford

Taya has developed a range of chains specifically designed to deal with the greater torque and stress an e-bike delivers to the drivetrain. All current safety standards have been matched, plus the TAYA-DHT (Diamond Hard Treatment) means the chain also has up to HK 2,000 hardness, prolonging the life of the chain. Available in Silver, TI Gold and TI Black. The e-bike range has shown flawless compatibility with leading e-bike systems and the superior strength of the chains means they are approved for 1000W and 160Nm torque mid-drive systems.

MicroSHIFT Advent X

Distributor: Hotlines

MicroSHIFT’s flagship 10sp groupset is packed with features and brings an exceptional level of performance for the price.  The shifter uses a smooth, ergonomic lever whilst the derailleur features a repairable ratchet-and-pawl clutch that can be adjusted to alter chain tension.  The lightweight cassette has wider spacing that a 12sp cassette which allows for better performance in muddy conditions.

Izumi410 Chain

Distributor: ZyroFisher

There’s no better chain for the price than the hard-working 410 series. Need extreme rust resistance? The 410TG’s special surface plating fends off the worst corrosion. Want a beautiful, long-wearing chain to match your frame, wheels, or grips? With six different colour combinations including the signature Jet Black / Gold finish, there’s a 410 that’s perfect for your ride. Every 410 chain uses the same side-plate steel as the Izumi-V for unparalleled abrasion resistance.

Praxis E-bike Cranks

Distributor: Upgrade Bikes

Praxis has a high reputation for precision after market and OE crank sets based on their innovation and expertise in precision alloy forging and proprietary hollow carbon moulding. But did you know they also offer a wide range of replacement/upgrade e-bike cranks both in 2D forged alloy and Carbon. With crank length trends getting ever shorter, especially on MTB e-bikes where cranking trough the rough stuff can lead to crank strikes on rocks, there is a healthy market for shorter and lighter upgrades.

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