BikeBiz’s guide to the latest brakes

This month we take a look at the latest brakes from some of the leading brands in the sector, including Clarks, Dia-Compe, Birzman, Hayes, Shimano, SRAM, SwissStop and Acor


Distributor: Bob Elliot

Clarks’ Clout1 is a hydraulic brake system with the capability of a much higher-end brake in the market, providing the rider with greater power, consistency and feel, all at a price that is designed to compete with entry-level brakes.
Clout1 has been built on the foundations of the hugely successful M series brake range, maintaining superb quality and reliability even at this lower price point.
– Lightweight brake system with stainless steel rotors
– Two-piston hydraulic brake
– International standard and post-mount fit
– Mineral oil fluid
– Lever reach and bite adjustment

Dia-CompeBRS 101

Distributor: Ison

The BRS 101 is the go-to brake for anyone looking for a longer reach dual pivot rim brake. Ideal for use with mudguards or larger volume tyre, this model offers a 43-57mm brake drop. With a quick-release pivot and a barrel adjuster, it’s easy to make small adjustments while on the move. Available in a variety of colours, the BRS 101 is just one model from the comprehensive range of calliper brakes and parts from Dia-Compe that Ison supplies.

BirzmanClam 3pc Set

Distributor: Silverfish UK 

Another clever, simple workshop product from Birzman. The Birzman Clam slides between the disc brake pads and the rotor for easy adjustment and alignment. No more rubbing brakes, no more trial and error – instead, the Birzman Clam tool allows perfect pad alignment first time, every time. The 58mm long, stainless-steel Clam comes in a three-piece set and retails for just £6.99.

HayesDominion A4 Disc Brakes

Distributor: Hotlines

The Dominion A4 provides incredible power combined with great feel and modulation. The master cylinder is factory tuned for the shortest dead stroke possible and a crisp bite point. The cold-forged calliper utilises four pistons while the adjustable-reach levers feature sealed cartridge bearings, offering extensive durability and smooth operation. The ‘Crosshair’ feature allows you to precisely fine-tune the calliper over the rotor, eliminating the trial and error procedure usually required for aligning callipers.

ShimanoDeore M6120

Distributor: Madison

With its new 4-pot Deore brakes, Shimano has brought top-end stopping power to a lower price point than ever before. The opposed 4-piston design reduces leading effect and optimises pad wear while increasing braking control and the two-piece calliper is both rigid and durable enough to withstand whatever you want to throw at it.

SRAM G2 R and G2 RS

Distributor: ZyroFisher

The new G2 R and RS Brakes replace outgoing Guide RS/R brakes and follow the success of the G2 RSC and G2 Ultimate last year, offering “mini-code” product at a more accessible price-point. With the G2 R and RS, SRAM offers consumers a premium value without compromising the heart of the operation. This brake gives riders the G2’s famed “mini-code” power and a whole suite of SRAM standard features at an absolutely unbeatable value.

SwissStop RS Pads and Catalyst Rotors

Distributor: Extra UK

Race-ready, silent power. SwissStop RS disc pads offer a highly balanced combination of predictable braking, durability and incredibly low noise in all conditions. The organic compound gives smooth modulation and is rotor-friendly. The RS pad is suitable for all OEM rotors, however, when used in combination with the SwissStop Catalyst rotor, offers unparalleled stopping power, modulation and wear rates over stock setups. Available in both 6-bolt and centre-lock variants up to 203mm.

AcorDisc Brakes

Distributor: Greyville Enterprises

Already well known for an extensive range of calliper brakes, Acor now supplies both mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes. The ABR21504 hydraulic disc brake set for front and rear weighs in at 142g per wheel and has an RRP of £149.95. The 160mm rotors have a dual-piston system for smoother operation and longer life for the semi-metallic pads. Can be used with the easy-to-fit ACB21402 Inline Cable Adjusters. ABR21405 offers a complete set of front and rear cable-operated mechanical disc brakes including 160mm rotors for an RRP of just £49.95.

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