BikeBiz’s guide to the latest brakes

This month, we take a look at the latest brakes from some of the leading brands in the sector, including Clarks, Elvedes, Miche, SRAM, XLC, Acor, Hayes, Oxford, Shimano, Capgo and Cyclon


Distributor: Bob Elliot

Greater power and control – more Clout than ever! The Clout1 is Clarks new hydraulic brake system which has the capability of a much higher-end brake in the market, providing the rider with greater power, consistency and feel all at a price that is designed to compete with entry-level brakes. Clout1 has been built on the foundations of the hugely successful M series brake range, maintaining superb quality and reliability even at this lower price point. The Clout1 mineral oil brake features a two-piston calliper and a small well-designed lever assembly with reach adjustment.

ElvedesMetallic Carbon Compound Disc Pads

Distributor: The Cycle Division

The Elvedes Metallic compound disc pads are designed with a steel pack plate for e-bikes and are developed for both wet and dry conditions giving extra braking power for the higher speeds that e-bikes brake from, they are available in 17 of the popular e-bike brake types, they are available in pairs on a display card or in a workshop box of 10 and 25 pairs for the most popular patterns.

Miche Race Brakes

Distributor: Chicken CycleKit

Stunning Miche Race calliper brakes, specifically designed for road use, providing a precise and controlled feel. This superb model features forged aluminium construction with special heat-treated steel pivots, making them strong enough to tackle anything that comes with a long day out on the road. Additionally, both callipers combined weight is only 330g, so you will not have to worry about adding any unnecessary weight to your ride.

SRAM Rival eTAP AXS HRD Shift-Brake System

Distributor: Raleigh Bike Parts

Rival is the newest addition to the SRAM eTap AXS range, lowering the cost of electronic groupsets even further. The new Rival HRD Shift-Brake System is a key component of this new group set, offering wireless shifting and hydraulic disc braking. An optimised hood shape ensures their textured design is comfortable for hands of all sizes. AXS technology means personalisation is in your hands.

XLCBP-C25 Carbon Disc Pads

Distributor: Raleigh Bike Parts

Disc brake pads don’t have to and shouldn’t be expensive. These much more affordable BP-C25 carbon pads from XLC are compatible with an array of Shimano braking systems for a fraction of the price (suitable for Shimano BR-M985, M785, M675, M666, M615). An organic pad provides an excellent balance between braking power and longevity whilst the carbon base plate absorbs vibrations and dampens brake squeal, also making the pads 60% lighter than standard non-carbon alternatives.

Acor Disc Brakes

Distributor: Greyville Enterprises

Already well known for an extensive range of calliper brakes Acor now supply both  mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes. ABR21504 hydraulic disc brake set, ideal for road/cyclocross/gravel, weighs in at 142gr per wheel with a RRP of £159.95. The  160mm rotors have a dual-piston system for smoother operation and longer life for the semi-metallic pads. Can be used with the easy to fit ACB21402 inline cable adjusters. ABR21405 offers a complete set of front and rear cable-operated mechanical disc brakes including 160mm rotors for an RRP of just £54.95.

HayesDominion A2 J-Unit Disc Brake

Distributor: Hotlines

The Dominion A2 J-Unit Brake offers smooth and consistent braking performance on any terrain.  Adapted from the award-winning Dominion A4, and keeping many of its high-performance features, it uses a two-piston calliper, making it ideal for XC and Trail riding.  This J-Unit model features SFL (Small Finger Lever) that maintains the power and feel of the original but is ergonomically tailored for smaller hands.  It also features the proprietary QuickBite² which effectively regulates heat and reduces braking noise.

Oxford Full Stop Shimano Cooling Fin Pads

Distributor: Oxford

Full Stop DP340 pads fit the following disc brake systems: Shimano: M6000, M615, M666, M675, M785, M7000, M7100, M8000, M8100, M9000, M9020, M985, M987, R785, RS785, S700.


ShimanoDeore M6100

Distributor: Madison

Matching top-level performance with a bargain price tag, Shimano’s Deore brakes have a well-deserved reputation as probably the best value MTB stoppers on the market. Using a hinged clamp design, they’re I-Spec II compatible for seamless integration with your shifter. For anyone who’s after more stopping power, there’s a new M6120 4-pot version too.

SRAMG2 R and G2 RS brakes

Distributor: ZyroFisher

The new G2 R and RS Brakes replace outgoing Guide RS / R brakes and follow the success of the G2 RSC and G2 Ultimate last year, offering “Mini-code” product at a more accessible price-point. With G2 R and RS, Sram offers consumers a premium value without compromising the heart of the operation. This brake gives riders the G2’s famed “Mini-Code” power and a whole suite of SRAM standard features at an absolutely unbeatable value.

Capgo Orange Line Brake Cable Sets

Distributor: Extra UK

Capgo Orange Line Brake Set for Shimano Road, Sram Road and Campag Road feature Orange Line Cable Housing which uses a specially developed PTFE grease from Capgo. The housing is fully greased along its entire length which helps to drastically reduce friction and increase durability and features Kevlar strands to improve the feel of the brakes. In addition to this the sets use the OL Stainless Steel wires which feature a unique double polish process to reduce friction throughout the life of the cable.

CyclonBrake Cleaner

Distributor: The Cycle Division

Cyclon disc brake cleaner is a fast-drying cleaner for disc brake rotors removing all grease and road grime, can also be used on derailleurs, it is made from an alcohol base and doesn’t leave any residue behind which can affect braking ability therefore it improves braking performance and also eliminates brake squeal. Available in two sizes 250ml and 500ml aerosol.




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