BikeBiz’s guide to the latest bike security

BikeBiz takes a look at the latest bike security from some of the leading brands in the sector, including LifeLine, Squire, Oxford, Onguard, Kryptonite, Hiplok, ABUS, Tex Lock, Zefal, Seatylock, AXA, Lezyne, Muc-Off and AlterLock

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LifeLine – Steel D Lock – Sold Secure
Distributor: Hotlines

The D Lock – Sold Secure from LifeLine is a tough and trustworthy deterrent against would-be bike thieves. Worthy of its Sold Secure Silver (small and medium locks) and Sold Secure Bronze (large lock) security ratings, the 14mm hardened steel shackle provides fantastic protection against cutting attacks, whilst the internal locking mechanism features a double dead bolt for increased hold under pressure. It features a protective dust/water cover that protects paintwork, and a frame mount bracket for portability.

RRP: £16.99-£19

Squire – Nevis / 10c
Distributor: Ison

D-Lock and Security Cable Pack. (Sold Secure Bicycle Silver Approved). 13mm diameter hardened steel shackle. Double locking and deadlocking. 230mm shackle clearance. 1800mm x 10mm security cable included. Bike frame carrying bracket included.

RRP: £44.99

Oxford – Alarm-D Pro 320mm x 173mm
Distributor: Oxford

The Alarm-D Pro is a maximum-security U lock which comes with its own easy to fit carry bracket. The Pro model has an upgraded and thicker lock body and combined with a 14mm special hardened steel shackle, the lock comfortably surpasses the Sold Secure Bicycle Gold standard. It also has a 120db weatherproof movement and shock activated alarm which will scare off any would-be bike thief.

RRP: £64.99

Squire – Matterhorn / 10c
Distributor: Ison

D-Lock and Security Cable Pack. (Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond Approved). 14mm diameter hardened steel shackle. Double locking and deadlocking. 230mm shackle clearance. 1800mm x 10mm security cable included. Bike frame carrying bracket included.

RRP: £64.99

Onguard – Pitbull Mini DT 8008 U-Lock 90 X 140 X 14mm with extender
Distributor: Moore Large

A PitBull Mini combined with a four-foot fully coated, braided steel cable for extra security. Superior protection for medium to high crime areas. X4P Quattro Locking Mechanism for four-sided protection. Hefty 14mm (0.55in) hardened steel TriRadius shackle resists cutting, prying and jacking while providing more internal space for locking versatility. New crossbar and shackle coatings protect finishes provide increased locking versatility for securing bicycles and scooters. Ideal for commuters who are weight-sensitive but also security conscious.

RRP: £50

Kryptonite – New York Fahgettaboudit
Distributor: Madison

Rated Sold Secure Diamond, the New York Fahgettaboudit is the ultimate level of security for your bike. With an 18mm hardened steel shackle, a patent-pending hardened double deadbolt design and a steel sleeve over crossbar, this thing will give any thief second thoughts before trying to steal your pride and joy.

RRP: £167.99

Hiplok – D1000 Angle Grinder Resistant Bike Lock
Distributor: ZyroFisher

Hiplok D1000 is ‘the strongest portable anti-angle grinder bike lock currently on the market’ with Sold Secure Diamond rating for Motorcycle and Bicycle. Containing Ferosafe, a graphene reenforced material never-before used in bike locks, D1000 is +20 times more resistant to angle grinder attack than a standard D-lock. Optimal sizing fits bikes and e-bikes while ensuring portability and lifetime warranty guarantees quality.

RRP: £249.99

ABUS – City Chain 1060
Distributor: Extra UK

Granit CityChain XPlus from ABUS is among the most secure bicycle locks on the international market. This lock has been awarded security level 15, the highest ABUS security system level. The chain, body and structural parts of the locking mechanism are manufactured from specially hardened steel and the XPlus locking cylinder offers the highest protection from tampering.

RRP: £189.99
Weblink: Abus City Chain X-Plus 1060 (

Tex Lock – X Lock Eyelet
Distributor: Multisport Distribution

The tex-lock eyelet is an innovative textile lock with eyelets and a hardened metal core. It consists of different layers of textile fibres in a composite. Each layer has a specific function to protect your bike from theft and attacks with bolt cutters, fire or saws. The soft surface of the tex-lock protects your bike from scratches and your ears from rattling. Available in three different lengths 80cm, 120cm and 160cm, four different colours and two different lock options, the smaller Mini U-Lock and the Larger X-Lock.

RRP: From £114.99

Zefal – K-Traz F16L Lock
Distributor: Chicken Cyclekit

The K-Traz F16L uses U-Locking security features, coupled with the practicality of a wind-up cable. It has a high level of tensile and torsional strength, making it highly resistant against theft and drilling. It features the Z-Safe locking mechanism which is a powerful double-locking system, making the lock highly resistant against impacts and twists.

RRP: £74.99

Hiplok – Switch
Distributor: ZyroFisher

Hiplok Switch is a Sold Secure rated folding lock with a unique Switch system for carrying on bike or body. Premium hardened steel bars link to provide peace of mind security with extended locking length in a compact portable package. But what makes Switch truly unique is its Switch clip carry system. As well as attaching to belt or bag strap, the included Switch bracket and plate allows you to seamlessly swap between carrying a lock or a water bottle on your bike without having to change the holder or use a tool. Ideal if you are using your bike or e-bike for commuting and leisure.

RRP: £74.99

Seatylock – Foldylock Compact
Distributor: i-Ride

The Foldylock combines the flexible convenience of a cable lock with the hardened steel security of a D-Lock in a riveted sliding plate design, perfect where portability and ease of use are the top priorities. These locks are ideal for medium-duration protection in towns and as a tough secondary lock for protecting wheels in city centres – they are also Sold Secure Silver rated.

RRP: £64.99

Squire – Retrac Max
Distributor: Ison

Multi-use retractable cable lock. 900mm PVC coated steel cable. Quick release push button rewind. Ideal for short-term security in low-risk areas.

RRP: £16.99

AXA – BPL Bosch2 Rack Lock in Black
Distributor: Bob Elliot & Co

Suitable for AXA Solid Plus and AXA Defender. Known to be used with Bosch Active Line, Bosch Performance Line, Bosch Performance Line CX, Bosch Active Line, Bosch Active Line Plus, Bosch Performance/Cargo Line CX/Speed.

RRP: £19.99

Lezyne – Matrix Saddle Tagger
Distributor: Upgrade

A clean, simple and discreet holder for an Apple AirTag (not included) that attaches underneath your saddle by clamping onto its rails. Moulded from lightweight, durable Composite Matrix material it is IPX7 waterproof-rated and held together with a TR25 security bolt, which also clamps it to the saddle rails. Once mounted, the hidden tagger can be used with Apple’s “FindMy” network to help locate a lost or stolen bicycle. It is also tested and verified to work with the ultra-wideband signal.

RRP: £18

Muc-Off – Secure Tag Holder 2.0
Distributor: Muc-Off

The Muc-Off Secure Tag Holder 2.0 offers a secure way to install an AirTag tracker to a bicycle frame using the bottle cage mounting holes, so riders can track down their bike in the event of theft, and can locate it using the Find My iPhone App. The AirTag tracker is housed in a machined, aircraft-grade 6061 aluminium body, that’s supplied with 2 sets of T25 security Torx bolts and a security key for an extra level of protection against theft. Secure Tag Holder 2.0 now features slotted bottle cage mounts which are designed to work with most existing standard bottle cage mounts (64mm spacing) and offer more adjustability.

RRP: £29.99

AlterLock – AlterLock
Distributor: AlterLock (wholesale available, UK warehousing)

The AlterLock is a smart security device designed to add peace of mind, not replace a lock. This lightweight alarm and GPS tracking security device helps you keep a remote eye on your bike and notifies you on your phone when the device detects movement. Fitting discreetly under the bottle cage, the AlterLock sounds an alarm when moved before then tracking your bike on a smartphone App in the unfortunate case if your bike is stolen.

RRP: Device cost £119 /Monthly service subscription £3.99

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