Why spend twenty quid on a trade address directory when you can access B3 the BikeBizBible - online for free. We'll also be producing a mailed-out book as well. And that'll be free too. (Prospective advertisers should read the promotional postcript at the base of this article).

BikeBizBible online soon

As soon as the auction service is online – which is soon, just testing it right now – we’ll be working on getting B3 up on this site.

This is a FileMaker Pro database produced on a Mac. We’ve got to convert this into a web-friendly searchable database that is instantly modifiable. Not easy, but we’ll get there.

B3 is the BikeBiz address directory and contains 5000 snailmail addresses, telephone and fax numbers plus websites and email addresses. Many of these are not strictly to do with the trade – National Farmer’s Union addresses, for instance – but can be useful for cyclists when trying to sort out access problems and the like.

Once the B3 database goes online you can search for addresses and product brand names. If any of the data is, er, dated (which is inevitable) you can email us with the corrections. After a month we will then do a snailmail mailshot of every address to make sure our data is as current as possible. By the summer we hope to have a stonking address book for you.

You won’t have to pay to get your hands on this book, it will be mailed free to 2500 trade addresses (ie our current mail out list).


Ads in B3 will reach EVERYBODY, not just a tiny minority.

Talk to us about being in the address directory that will be the new bible. It will be on everybody’s desks by the summer. To book your A5 ads call 0191 285 4408 or email bikebizal@aol.com. The ad rates are in ‘Advertising Rates and Data’ on this website.

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